"Spooky" book covers

After looking at all of the beautiful pumpkins in my pumpkin party post, I was inspired to pull out my gold leafing . 
I have some old books  wanted to decorate 
them  a little bit for Halloween.
 Taking black art paper and gold leafing I made these.
It wasn’t that hard either. 

I first folded my paper over the book to make sure I had cut the right size and I ran my fingers up and down the spine with the  paper on to get some indentations of where the spine was so I knew where to stamp.

Then, I stamped with the gold leafing sizing, which is pretty much a tacky glue for the gold leafing to adhere to. I used some vintage stamps I have. It’s important to 
wash the stamps right away o the sizing doesn’t ruin your stamps. Otherwise,they’ll be sticky forever.
After it dried, about  30 minutes, I placed the gold leafing on very carefully. If you haven’t worked with gold leaf before, it’s almost like trying to place air.

The one trick I did find was to take a clean, dry finger and pat down gently, yet firmly over the area where the sizing is under the gold leaf to make sure it adhere’s well enough. 

Use a super soft brush and a circular motion to wipe away the excess gold
 leaf. I brush mine into a box to use the “scraps” for other projects.

You’ll end up with your letters all nice and sparkly.

I then taped my paper to the books so I can remove it and store them at the end of the holiday.
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  1. Fab-BOO-lous (har har ;-).

    Seriously, these look great. I love them!

  2. You’re so freaking creative it’s scary! BWah-HA-ha-HA-ha-HA-ha!

  3. These are so cute! I love all your ideas!

  4. Those are great…I have heard gold leaf is kind of hard to work with…but I have never tried it. Might have to try it now….
    That is a great idea for your books!

  5. I haven’t tried gold leaf either, but it sure gives good results- that is a fun project!

  6. FABULOUS idea! I’ll be linking to this project!

  7. Brilliant and lovely…as always! Love it.

  8. Wonderful post to keep in my file for fun, creative, fabulous projects. I’d love to try the gold leaf on some pumpkins, a litle hesitant. So is gold leaf feasible for big projects? Seems to me when I’ve looked at it to buy, it could be expensive for a larger area like a pumpkin?
    Love all your creative ideas, keep the inspiration coming!

  9. this is really cute Jen! I’m thinking of many fun uses outside of Halloween decor, too…you could make little signs and frame them too…or many other wonderful things which aren’t coming to mind at the moment but I’m sure are possibilities…

  10. Oh, you are sooo creative! I love this project!

  11. That’s really creative and cute!!!

    PS: Did you get your gc? :)

  12. What a neat idea! It could easily be adapted to any holiday, too.

  13. What a great idea for Halloween. Love the gold letters. :-)

  14. Very clever…I’ve never gold-leafed before but the end result is wonderful!

  15. I love this. I’ve never even thought to cover books like that and it’s given me some ideas. Thanks for stopping by, because I’m really glad I discovered your blog! :)

  16. I love this!!! How creative!

    Just love your blog!


  17. That is so cute. I’m not a big halloween person, but I love all the creative ideas that I’m seeing this year.

  18. The really impressive thing is that you use the gold leaf. That seems so intimidating! What an adorable project!

  19. Jen,I am on pins and needles waiting to hear from you, lol!

    Did you get the gc # on the Blissfully Domestic Ning site?

    Let me know, thanks!!!

    Bella :)

  20. Very cute idea! I did two pumpkins today and am trying to think of some good ideas for the pumpkin party!


  21. oh my, so creative, I love the book covers they really do look great

    I thought gold leaf was pretty hard to get along with but you make it look easy!


  22. is there anyway you’d share with us where the butterfly knob came from on that last post???

  23. Dang girl… you rock! Sooooooooo cute!

  24. That is such a cute idea! Okay, you’ll have to join in on my Halloween party… you might win a prize:-)

    Thanks for visiting my site. Love your blog. Always nice to make new creative blog friends.


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