How to make a cute pumpkin planter for Fall…..

 The outside of my house is already for Halloween including my pumpkin planter(instructions below.)!
Pumpkin planter

Great decor for a little stoop

Trick or treat buckets as planters-cute and cheap!
 I love how these guys look like they have hair!!!
Pumpkin on nasturtiums
If any one is interested in making my hanging pumpkin planter ( it was really easy).
You can use a fresh pumpkin like I did, or a fake pumpkin to keep it longer.
-Hollow out your pumpkin, and then wipe down the inside with some mineral oil to preserve it longer.

-Drill holes in a pattern or carve a pattern and drill drain holes for  a planter

-Twist large eye hooks into the flesh on the inside.  If you a e using a fake pumpkin,You can also drill around the top edge and make places to hang it from.

-Use hardware store chain to hang it with fresh or twine for fake.

-Add you plant! or use a candle to illuminate it(fresh pumpkin only.!).
 A fresh pumpkin will last bout  a week, but in case it doesn’t last as long, don’t hang it directly over anything  :)

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  1. Thank YOU, Jen, for having us over to your place. I loved all your friends.

    The Texas Woman

  2. The party was so much fun! And thanks tons for the planter directions, I’ll be linking to this.

  3. Fabulous! Thanks for the instructions :)

  4. so many cool things to see and try to copy. I love your planter…it was one of my favorite things!nex

  5. Love the planter! I have to put that idea in my book! This year I literally haven’t done any Fall decorating ….. but next year, I’ll have plenty of ideas!

  6. It was fun and I still need to get to everyone’s parties!

    Thanks for hosting!!


  7. Oh Jen! I love that hanging pumpkin planter! So pretty for fall.

    And the tiny pumpkins and squash make for lovely decorations on your table.

    Kimberly :)

  8. Oh, I just loved looking at all the pumpkins in your party. Your planter is absolutely adorable!

  9. I love this planter! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

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