A good, old-fashioned crazy time..my trip to Paducah,Kentucky with friends and Kari and Kijsa….

A good time as had by all in good old Kentucky… 
My friends Mary and Nicola were nice enough to brave the 6 hour ride with me and take pictures. They were great travel buddies too…We had  a blast.

We had a great time at Kari and Kijsa’s show… 
These girls are amazing! So warm,friendly and just plain creatively amazing.

Kijsa is an amazing artist and with KariAnne,she is so creative, you can’t help but fall in love.

It was a fun show and I met some fabulous people.

Checked back in with the kids. Even though it was a nice break, I missed them a ton. 

We tried to decide what the criteria was for having “cankles” and if we had them or not.

We visited a lovely little tea house. 

They had these mirrors which now I am going to figure out how to duplicate. I loved how this looked.

They have this amazing stretch of flood wall murals by a really talented artist named Robert Dafford. The detail and color were amazing. If you go to Paducah, you have to go and see them. They are just beautiful.

They stretched on for about a half mile. They were so life-like we were inspired (though we did get close, we  made sure we didn’t actually touch them as to disturb the pain or add wear and tear.).
And we got a little silly.

Shark! Everybody out of the water!

Bon voyage!

Thank goodness there’s no fire!

It’s  a lovely day to skate!

mmm.. berries!


 One the last day we met Kijsa at a FABULOUS overstock store named Surplus City..Where we found things we didn’t even know we needed.

I think we bought a bit too much!
Thanks for coming along! And thank you to every one who participated in the party on Thursday!
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    Those murals are awesome! I love those mirrors, too! I saw them at Paul Michael Company in Canton, TX last month at 1st Monday TradeDays. BallardDesigns.com has some similar. I’ve been dreaming of getting a set of 4 to put on my eating nook wall across from my kitchen window to magnify the light coming in! Patti

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    Wow, a great time! I would have loved the surplus store. I used to live out in Cape Girardeau, Missouri when I worked for the CBS station there. Paducah was in our market and I traveled there a few times to shoot promos. People were really nice out there.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    You all look like you were having way too much fun!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all your creativity with the furniture painting- boy do I have a ton of furniture in my house you would have a ball with! Its all thrift!


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    congrats on being a Featured Sitsa this week. Looks like you had a great time.
    How many times have I gone shopping and bought things I did not know I needed….many many times.


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