Make a mini-dress form with a paper mache mannequin and candlestick….

I have been busy painting, painting and cutting..hoping I have enough things for the show.
I did stop to pull out most of my garden and dig up my potatoes.
 I was so excited, it was the first year I had ever planted any and dreamed about my cellar full of fresh, organic, home-grown potatoes….(can you see where this is going?)
This would be the bountiful harvest of my dreams….

I guess I put them in a little too late….
So, what can you do with a wood candle stick with the top cut off, a cardboard mini -bust  and a wood plaque?

Cut the top off of the candlestick and save it for a future project when you just know you are going to need it…Use regular tacky glue and hot glue.  The hot glue  keeps it together while the tacky glue dries.

 And… a little paint and you have

 your own mini Christmas dress form!

A little vintage bling and she’s all wrapped up snug in a box for her trip to Kentucky!

This was so easy to make, under $10 and you could do this for any season too.
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  1. that is sooooooo awesome! I love it!

  2. ADORABLE!!! Love it! I’m definitely make one!! I love dress forms! Hugs, :) Vanessa ps. I finally painted my dining room chairs. Soon I’ll post about it.

  3. Too cute! Wish I could go to Ky. Sounds like fun! I lived in that area for a short time.

  4. That’s really cute, Jen. Wish I could be in KY too & I’d drop by & hang out with you girls!

  5. That is just too cute!
    -sandy toes

  6. I always have high hopes when it comes to gardening too but my gosh those little spuds sure are cute!

    Nice job on the dress form girl.

  7. Hi Jen!
    Very cute little dress form.

    Wasn’t that an awesome post by the Farm Chicks?! So inspiring. There’s still a couple of sites I want to visit.

    Kimberly :)

  8. OMGosh! This is soooo freaking cute! I may just try this! I’ve been thinking how much I love the dress forms, but it’s not practical or realistic to have one, but THIS is the PERFECT size and maybe I can drum something up with the tatting….Hmmmm….!
    Thanks for the fabulous inspiration! I LOVE IT!!!
    (hugs) to you, Jen!!!

  9. Great idea. mishelle

  10. You crafty lady, you! That is tres adorable. I’d use it to display beaded necklaces.

  11. cute cute cute!

  12. ship-shape and cheerful..
    I love dress forms..
    I love this one too..

    and baby potatoes..
    this is what you have..
    they taste great..

    just rub them under the water..
    don’t peel..
    boil them until tender.. you dont’t want them not very soft..
    and then drain them..
    a little olive oil.. just sizzle them.. still in their skins.. and add some rosemary..
    pommes de terre a la meditarenee.. =)

    and enjoy… the smell and taste..

  13. This is so cute! Love your stripes on the previous post too, but I’m with you about all that taping off. :)

  14. I love, love, love your blog!!! Yours is one of the few that I have bookmarked!!! I can’t look at too many because #1 – too time consuming and #2 – I get totally confused if I look at too much. So…I just pick out the best and look at those!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  15. Hay, at least you got some potatoes! I have a second crop that I should be able to dig up pretty soon. Very cute dress form – I love how you’ve painted it!


  16. That is really sweet!

  17. How adorable! I MUST have one for myself.

    Debbie in Florida

  18. VERY cute! Clever girl!
    ENJOY the rest of your weekend!
    BTW… are those potatoes supposed to be black… hmmm… I’ve never seen ones that colour.

  19. That is a cute cute cute idea! Love!

  20. Hey! Its Natalie! From Paducah! Laura’s daughter.. I actually bought this! and I have been meaning to get ahold of you because the bottom of the dress form has came loose from the candle stick holder. I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix it. My e-mail is if you wanan e-mail me about it. HELP!

  21. Hello I would like to know where you purchased the supplies for this project. The mini cardboardbust as well as the plaques and candlesticks. Thankyou I can be reached at

  22. Can you please email me and let me know where I could purchase the dress form. I am trying to make center pieces for a graduation from fashion design school. Please email me at

  23. Can you please let me know where you found the materials for this Thank you

  24. Can you email me with the info on where to get the mini-bust? I am looking everywhere online and can’t find one. thank you sooo very much

  25. Cherie Poyner says:

    Where did you find the dress form? Please reply to my email adddress above.

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