How to make cardboard cone wrapped yarn trees for the holidays…

When I had spied the Starbucks wreath with wrapped yarn balls, I was inspired to make these trees. This is a really easy project to do too,it would be a great kids craft.

 You’ll need:
Cardboard or stiff paper to make the cone. I used a cereal box and stiff paper. A shirt box would work too. If you don’t want to make the cones, you can go buy pre-made styrofoam ones.
hot glue
white glue
Cut your box into a rectangle. The height is going to be roughly the size of the paper with a few inches cut off to trim the bottom.

Starting at a corner; roll one edge of the cardboard tightly leaving the other end loose. Roll it into a  cone shape until you’ve rolled the entire piece. Tape. I used painter’s tape because it’s what I had on had. Any tape will do, it’s going to be covered. Once you are taped, use scissors to trim the cone so that it has an even bottom.
I also rolled a smaller piece for the top of the large cone and taped it on because the stiff cardboard made it hard to get a tight roll.

This one is on the paper. Put  a dab of hot glue at the top and start wrapping around and around. I only burned myself twice during the entire project, I think that’s a new record. I periodically put a dab of hot glue to hold the yarn in place in case I needed to stop because someone needed some goldfish, a sippy cup refilled, or Barney played again for the thousandth time. If you find you have small gaps, push the yarn up a little bit to snug it up. When you wrap, you can make it look nice and neat and leave it, or go back and criss -cross it all over for a more organic feel.

After it’s totally wrapped, when you get to the bottom,you might have to run a bead of glue along the edge to keep it on. When you’re done, put  a dab of hot glue underneath the cone and glue the end of the yarn on the inside. When you finish one, start on your next one. You’ll glitter all at once.
If you want to fill out a cone and make it really fat, you can use some old junky yarn you have laying around first as the base and then wrap over it like I did with the white over green. It gave it a really nice, full look and I finally used yarn I’ve had sitting around for years.

If you are going to do a striped one, overlap the yarn so you don’t get any funky ends. Then just cut and change when you want to change colors.

After you finish your cones, you are ready to glitter. Use white craft glue and dab it all over with a  brush. Here is one thing I learned about glittering: Sprinkle VERY lightly, almost just a dusting. I had to rewrap my green one because I was so heavy handed it was like Vegas instead of Christmas.
Shake of  the excess and let dry! Tah dah!
Yarn trees!

Ha ha Starbucks!
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Happy Holidays!
~ Jen
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