Totally framed….

Good frame does not always equal good art….

I found this piece at Homegoods for $7.00! You can’t buy a good frame for that! But it had this really ugly picture in it.. but when life hands you lemons….

I did buy this really gorgeous clock face photo from Sara of Sadie Olive’s Etsy site
and needed a nice home.
It’s easy to re- frame and you can save a ton of cash too.

First tear the paper off the back.

Then remove the staples very carefully ( the glass is still in there)-wearing proper protective gear, taking proper precautions…. out of the back of the frame. Make sure you put the staples somewhere safe so that no one can step on them…
(I am sure you would rather not hear my story about being around eight years old and having my EMT uncle coming over while my parents were on vacation to dig out a 3-inch sewing needle completely embedded in the bottom my foot Macgyver style with a pocket knife…
(Seriously!!! W.T.F..! ….Now I know it was the 1970’s, but I was 8 and they had silly things like emergency rooms with other crazy things like local anesthetic then..really!… I am still scarred for life.).

Anywhoooo……After you take your board is out ( leave your glass carefully in ), measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit just inside of the matting over the old picture and stick it on with double stick tape.
Then use double stick mounting tabs on the back of the picture give it a raised look.
Stick in place carefully, because, once it’s down, it’s down.

Place the picture back in the frame, the backing in and use high-tack masking tape to put the backing back on, making sure it’s flush and firm with the back of the frame. You don’t want the glass moving.
(Oh, and make sure all of the dust and stuff is blown out before you put the tape on unlike myself who had to take it out and re-tape it after I realized there was scrapbook paper scraps stuck in there.)
I prefer taping over re-stapling because I like to change my pictures, and it’s less dangerous.

Use a lot of tape over-lapping to make sure the picture and glass stay in. I wouldn’t use this on a HUGE, heavy picture, but it’s great for smaller ones.

And hang. You have a custom framed picture for next to nothing!
P.S. I am serious about the thing with glass and staples and being careful with protective stuff and all of that. My friends call me Ms. Safety, but somehow I don’t think it’s a compliment since they always say it with an eye roll.
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