Really unnecessary party projects…..

Do you ever do that? You are having a big event/party and suddenly are struck with the urge to do a couple of U.P.P.s? Even when you know it’s isn’t going to make a difference?
In the midst of getting ready for our girls get together tomorrow; I had the sudden urge to cover over my faux kitchen tile and use the rest of my beadboard wallpaper.
Not only am I already running like crazy, but it’s not even at my house!

I was tired of the dingy look and wanted something
much cleaner looking. The best part was, it was all with leftovers. No cost!

So of course I am mostly there…but it looks better already. :)
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    It looks really great! You sound like me–not better time to start a project than when you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

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    Well, I love that look, sugar! Much tidier, but who says we can’t do something to our house even when the get-together isn’t at our house? NOT ME! I use that an an excuse all the time with Love Bunny: I’m going to so-and-so’s house so I need to redecorate MY house! Works every time I use it, chickee. Hah.

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    HA! I do that all the time. I look for ways to cram all kinds of things into virtually no time. I get the urge to do things at the last minute as well. It DOES look amazing! I am planning on a beadboard backsplash too. Go enjoy your ladies get together!

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    Hi Jen
    I can’t seem to find the address of the party anywhere. I know I got an email somewhere but just can’t find it…I think it went into cyberspace. anyway could you email me the address
    Thanks so much

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    sounds exactly like something I’d do! I always wonder why I am never ready on time & then I remember I focused on little details that are not really that important! But…I its how I work :)
    –looks lovely btw!

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    We should start “UPP Anonymous”. I rencetly hosted a baby shower at our house and felt the need to buy all new towels and art work for our guest bathroom (because you KNOW those folks would be bathing and appreciating my wall decor for the 2 minutes they were in there! ha!)

    But, like you- I can justify it because it was free: thank you, Target gift cards left over from Christmas! :)

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    Looks great! I have to say I do the same thing and bad thing is I haven’t really entertained yet! I keep thinking once I get all of these 10,562 projects done I’ll have a reason to have people over. I must say this is a good motivation to get my home as spruced up as possible. :)

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