Dining room and Living room interior redesign…and a beer…

Unfortunately, this is not MY gorgeous house, but my good friend, Anne’s. She was kind enough to let me come over and “play” a bit with her furnishings. I am no expert by any means, but I love to dabble in redesign; especially when it’s somewhere like  a good friends who I know won’t yell at me if they hate it.:).  I had walked up the block ( We call it Wisteria Lane.) with my camera and  a cold beer ( It was  a looooong day with the kids; only two weeks until school!).
She has this wonderful dining set that is a family heirloom. We “shopped” her house a bit and found some great things to use. She has a wonderful eye for Arts and Crafts, and we found some other  lovely treasures she had hidden away like pictures and a flea market mirror.
Dining room 

Living room.

It was so much fun to do some trial and error and see where the journey of what we found took us. The best thing is, now that things are where she likes them, she knows what other  accessories and art she needs to buy. 
 Afterward, Anne had given me  a bottle of wine, so I walked home with a can of  half-finished beer in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other, and my camera in my child’s school bag with her picture on it. Mother of the year!
Good times, good times……
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  1. Jen:
    Your redec job is fabulous! I’m sure she’s loving the re-arranged furniture. So much more restful and comfortable.

  2. LOVE it!!!


  3. You have a great eye, Jen!

    Do you make house calls? To Texas???

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great job, looks like a differant house. You do have a talent!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes. Mother of the year indeed. Funny. Your beer had to be warm. Great job. I especially love the living room. That made a huge difference. I am sure she is loving it.

  6. LOL. This made me laugh.
    The redesign is great!!! Wanna come to my house?
    I’m in Illinois. : )

  7. It looks like a pretty old house too. The living room arrangement is better because of the steps. Before the couch and end table looked like they were blocking the steps a little. Everything looks very nice.

  8. Love it! Wish you could come to my house.

  9. Sometimes that is exactly what we need. A bit of time away from the family, doing something creative with a friend. Great job!

  10. Amazing what half a can of beer can accomplish! Seriously, it looks wonderful. I love how the dining room now looks.
    P.S. I’d vote for any one with a can of beer and a bottle of wine for mother of the year…as long as they were willing to share!

  11. Great makeover! Especially living room!

  12. Jen, I need someone like you to come to my house next. I’ll give you beer….wine if you’d like. That living room looks much nicer the way you arranged it. I have mucho problems with my upstairs LR. I’ll spare you a verbose post all about that room. lol

    Great job ;)

  13. Maybe next time I want to move my furniture around and redecorate, I should grab a beer (only if it turns out as good as her house did!).
    I really love how much light you let in the living room – and that fact that you can actually see the stairs.
    Wonderful job – well deserved bottle of wine :)

  14. Shut up!! This looks GREAT! I want to move things around in my den, but I keep thinking there is no other way to do it!!

    You can come play at my house anytime!! I will buy you beer AND wine!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. Wonderful job! I love what you did.

  16. you crack me up…swing on by with your half can of beer and camera, you can do my house next!!!! love what you did! xo

  17. One of my favorite things to do – get my hands on someone else’s home and just see! You did a great job.

  18. Hi Jen, Your makeover looks wonderful, especially the area above the buffet. I bet your friend was really glad you stopped by.

  19. It’s amazing what rearranging can do to a room!!! its sooo much fun! Yesterday I was telling my hubby about my grand plans of revamping the rooms of our house, all he said,” well you like to change things up and I don’t see the need but I like old cars and you don’t see the need, have fun with that.” hee hee

  20. jen you did a great job the afters are really super! how fun to have a friend let you move things around! susan

  21. Oh, what fun! Great job on the rooms! I really like the mirror above the sideboard in the dining room.

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. the living room is just PERFECT! I love it Jen…nice work!!

  23. WOW…you rocked it girl! The afters are so fresh! Now I want to see more….Sherry

  24. Very cool! My sister was talking about this the other day, and she said there was a blog post about her living room. It looks really nice.

  25. I love the redesign of both the dining room and living room. Very clean and neat lines! Beautiful!

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