Celadon green…

I am dreaming lately of the perfect shade of Celadon green for my hutch. Just that pop of color among the white cabinets. I’ve tried a few and they are not quite that perfect shade of greeney-blue with maybe  a touch of grey to tone it down.
These pictures are from my inspiration file, so I am not sure where they are all from. I apologize if it’s your house! I think some are from decorpad?
 Look at this orderliness. I told someone today my house look like some one picked it up. shook it upside down for a while and then just put it back.

 I am also kind of liking the windows outlined in black. Kind of a cool European feeling.
  And a Carerra marble countertop for my island.. sigh… perfect for kneading bread.
             HHmmmm….My living room could use a new coat of paint…..
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  1. Jen, I love the touch of that celadon green with white…so pretty! I can’t wait to see all that you have done to your kitchen. I have to say I still have little things here and there before I am ready to show…will it ever end?! :) I love your inspiration pictures. I hope all is well!


  2. Very inspiring

  3. Hi Jen:
    I LOVE the kitchens in the second and third photos! They’re so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  4. Gorgeous rooms! I am trying to figure out a paint color for a secretary in my den…it is SCREAMING for paint!

    I know you will achieve the PERFECT color!! Can’t wait to see…

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. Green is my favorite color. All shades. We painted green and I absolutely LOVE it. Great photos!!

  6. that would be a great color for your hutch. i love the first photo. i want a new kitchen!!!!!

  7. I love that color, My husband doesn’t like green so I could never use that color but since he’s left me I could repaint my cabinets that color.

    I really like the glass doors too


  8. I just love celadon green, it’s long been my favorite color. It was the color I chose for my bridal party, after all!

    Great pics, and I think the same giant shook my house, too. ;-)


  9. ~*~LOVE the inspiration photos!! LOVE celadon green too!!~*~Cant wait to see what you end up doing!! Hugs~ Rachel~*~*

  10. love that color too :) But I am totally and completely smitten with the kitchen with the black windows and the wicker chairs :)
    have a great weekend!

  11. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I love them all.

    I am helping out a fellow blogger in need by hosting an online auction tomorrow. I would love for you to come by and take a peek and perhaps join in.

  12. i’m sure you’ll find just the right color…we are all very anxious to see it all done! chop chop lady!! (lol)

  13. Bags packed, note on the door, said my farewells, leave notice given….I’ll be in the kitchen soon…I’d like green tea please. Jennifer

  14. Love those kitchens, and I adore your blog! (btw) :)


  15. This kitchen is so beautiful that I can’t stand it!
    thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I will be back to check out your shop. :)


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