Welcome to my new kitchen…..

Finally the saga is over.
3 months.
I never thought I could love a white kitchen.
I love a white kitchen.
After 10 years, we are finally out of “The Oak Cave”. I can’t believe this is my kitchen because I never thought I could live somewhere so pretty.
 Come on in….

 I had my grandmother’s chandelier rewired. It’s from the 1930′s. For $45 I couldn’t buy a new one!
We actually decided to REMOVE some cabinets and replace them with  a hutch. The cabinets we had were really inefficient and just seemed to hold crap.


The light fixture over the sink is a thrift store find I made over.
And I do love our countertops. So far they are gorgeous and easy to take care of and environmentally and health friendly!
Thank you so much for your patience! I had a rough time with the lighting this morning so I hope the pictures show everything well enough. I’ll be going over some of the details in another post, but for now, I just wanted to get the wait over!
It was quite the journey, but definitely well worth it! It helped we had the best contractor ever, he was fast, organized and sooo easy to work with. If you live in northern Illinois and need someone,  Klaske construction does an amazing job.
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  1. Jenn!!!!!! It is fabulous! Gorgeous!!!! You must love being in your kitchen now. It is so beautiful.

  2. O-M-G!! Jen, this is out of this world fabulous!! I could not love it more, it is white, but so warm. You are one lucky girl to get to cook in that gorgeous kitchen!


  3. It’s fabulicious Jen! SO happy for you that it’s all done – and just in time for the Holidays! It’s perfect. Great job girl!

  4. Looks beautiful Jennifer. So bright and charming. If this is your version of a budget redo, I can’t imagine what a $$ redo would look like. The cabinet was the perfect finishing touch. So pretty. Love, Penny

  5. OH my LANDS…girl! it is SO, SO gorgeous!!!! I love it and every detail is perfect!!!! Gee, I am in love!!! Oh my goodness!


  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous, I love it!!!

  7. It’s simply wonderful Jen. You’ve done a great job. I get overwhelmed by the thought that you painted all those cabinets. What a huge job. Can you share the paint color you used for the cabinets and why you changed you mind about the other color you had chosen? You’ve inspired me to try to do this re-do in our “oak cave”. Thanks!!

  8. I absolutely love it!!!! I’m so envious…my kitchen has the dark ugly “oak” cabinets. But…where’s the microwave???

  9. Jen what a transformation,a nd i love love love the hutch, gives so much more character to the kitchen and I love the color of it, so perfect!!! you did a fabulous job, the floors make it so warm and cozy and it looks like you have enough space to do all your cookin!! yipee, thanks for sharing, so so so pretty!! off to share your kitchen on twitter! yeah!

  10. ~*~*It is so beautiful!!! Im so happy for you Jennifer!! ;) LOVE the hutch in there too~*~HUGS,Rachel~*~*

  11. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS kitchen! Right out of a magazine. My very favorite part I think is that beautiful chandelier.

  12. Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

    What a beautiful space to walk into each morning!

  13. yay you!!!!!
    love every single thing.
    oh my word!
    love that silver platter
    love the chandilier
    love the white

  14. Complete perfection!!! The hutch was sooo smart and adds so much! Everything is truly incredible!!!

  15. Wow!! Stunning, I am in love with your kitchen!

  16. Very nice! love the hutch idea too!

  17. LOVE everything! It all looks SO fabulous! Congrats on the wonderful kitchen. Now it looks like it should be in an issue of Country Living. Beautiful!

    ♥ Amber
    Silver Lining

  18. OH MY GOSH, your kitchen is fabulous!!! I love the hutch, it is beautiful. The details are perfect and I love your Grandmas chandy!!

  19. Jen! I love it! I love it! So beautiful and I love the hutch, chandy everything! Its perfect and worth the wait. Amazing transformation! Enjoy your new kitchen just in time for the holiday! Have a great weekend! lulu

  20. Beautiful! I’m sure you’re loving it. That chalk board is great. I may go find an old frame tucked away in my attic and do the same thing! Cool. I also like the dish towel holder at the sink – fantastic idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

  21. You guys did an absolutely amazing job…I’m in awe.

  22. Love it!….White is so nice in the kitchen! I have the same dish towel from Anthro. May just have to install a towel rack under my sink.

  23. Gorgeous!

  24. I can’t believe you waited ten years for that absolutely GORGEOUS kitchen! Well done.


  25. Wow! I absolutely love it!!! Awesome job!

  26. Jennifer! It’s amazing! Love so many things the hutch, chandelier, and countertops. Did you finish them with mineral oil? I would love to do the same!

  27. Jen, it is just gorgeous!!! I love it so much. I hope it brings you much happiness and joy my friend!! :)


  28. Gorgeous! I love the soft white against the dark floors. The hutch is fabuloso!!! I want to put on my softest socks so that I can slide across the kitchen floor to stand under the amazing chandelier just smiling and taking it in!

  29. Oh, and GREAT JOB Klaske construction!!!

  30. I love what you did with your kitchen. I will be remodeling mine after the Holidays, and I can not wait.
    Also going from oak to white. I love, love, love the addition of the hutch. Outstanding!

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Sooo Cute!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Beautiful!! My dream is to one day have a white kitchen.
    I love where you put your dish towel…this is always a problem…where to hang the dish towel! I hate having to hang my dish cloths on the oven door handle.
    Love the glass cupboard as well.
    Pamela :)

  34. Wow. I am SOOOO stealing some of your ideas!!! (Hee hee!!) — that hutch in the kitchen for one! :)



  35. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  36. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  37. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  38. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  39. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  40. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  41. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  42. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  43. Wow !!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!
    hugs ~lynne~

  44. oh.my.everlivin’.goodness!! can i come live in your kitchen??! ;0)
    it is absolutely fabulous!! congratulations, i’m SO happy for you!

    prairie hugs,

  45. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  46. beautiful! I love my white kitchen too!

  47. Your kitchen is absolutely amazing! The counter tops are to die for and so is your hutch makeover,you must be so pleased. Head on over to my place I’m having a giveaway!

  48. Hi Jen!!! I am new to blogging and JUST found you!!! Im CRAAAAZY about your site! The kitchen redo…A-MAZ-ING!!! Aaahh, SWOON!
    I have an interior design business and blog…im doing 14 days of christmas trees and would BEYOND LOVE if you would come visit me! PLUS i have a GREAT GIVEAWAY TOO!

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *


  49. ooooh! It is SOOOOO gorgeous! Way to go, girl! I’m sure you are so happy it’s done!

  50. IT is absolutely lovely! Wow. I am in awe.

  51. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  52. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  53. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  54. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  55. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  56. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  57. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  58. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  59. Just beautiful! Love the chandelier. And the hutch is the perfect addition. It was worth the wait!

  60. Absolutely perfecto Jen! Love love love it! And being that I am going thru a remodel right now, I can totally understand the feeling of accomplishment that you must have – I cant wait to be there too!
    So, I have to know….what color beige to you have on your walls? :)

  61. Jen, the kitchen is beautiful, LOVE IT.

  62. It’s Absolutely Beautiful.
    Although I think you had some wonderful cupboards to work with, love the little ones on top. and that hutch!!! Well done!

  63. Jenn:
    Your kitchen remodel is absolutely fabulous! I love the hutch, the wood countertops (we have wood, too!), and overall effect. You’re going to love this kitchen for many years to come, girlfriend. Thanks for putting us out of our collective misery by sharing photos. I’ve been dying to see what you did! I wasn’t disappointed.

  64. Beautiful!!!!

  65. I don’t usually comment, but WOW your kitchen is stunning! I love the color of floors you picked especially. It’s the perfect hue of not too dark and not too light. Lovely!

  66. You should be so proud of yourself, that kitchen is gorgeous and I love the hutch!!!!

  67. Oh my goodess!!!!! I am drooling! This is absolutely extraordinary! I am completely and utterly jealous!

  68. Hi Jen, Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!! What a fantastic transformation and I am in love with your hutch. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your new kitchen.

  69. Get ready, I think the magazines are gonna come a’ knockin’! :-)


  70. OMG- worth the hassle for sure! LOVING the silver tray over the stove. Come style my kitchen, please :)

  71. I’m so far beyond impressed with your skillZ :)

    every detail is beautiful!!!

  72. Absolutely breathtaking!! I never thought I would go back to liking a white kitchen either, but these pics definitely have convinced me it’s still gorgeous!!

  73. so beautiful!!! I love every detail. I have a feeling when we finaly sell our house in TN and buy a new one here in NC I will be redoing lots of things. I will use your kitchen as inspiration FOR SURE!!! just lovely! good job!!

  74. oh my.completely awesome!!!

  75. jen it turned out just beautiful! i love the white! i love that you took out the cabinets and put in a hutch it adds so much warmth! love your grandmother’s chandie so pretty. you must be so happy! congrats on finishing and surviving :) enjoy it! susan

  76. Jen, i found your blog on someone’s side bar, and am so glad that i came over…
    your kitchen TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! i love everything about it!


  77. Beautiful!! You have done an awesome job! What a great idea to remove the cabinets and add the hutch! And your grandmom’s chandy is beautiful!

  78. That is so incredibly beautiful! What a transformation. Your styling is perfection. Thanks for the eye candy!

  79. It’s gorgeous!! I love it. I especially love that you just rewired your grandmothers chandelier. It’s effient and so sentimental.

  80. WOW girl, you did it…

    So fresh and pretty and just plain perfect!!! oh, and did I say pretty?!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  81. Your white kitchen is divine! I love white kitchens….just painted our 1920′s kitchen white.
    Happy Day.
    from you through TIR
    Happy Day

  82. Sooo pretty! I love the hutch. I love the chandelier. I love everything! You did an awesome job!

  83. Oh, Jen – it’s just beautiful! I love it! You did a great job. The chandelier is perfect and I love that it was your grandma’s and the hutch is amazing!! Congratulations!

  84. what in inspiration Jenn!!! So clean/white and warm at the same time….what time do you want us over for supper?? lol

    Anne Marie

  85. wow, it doesn’t even look like the same kitchen! I love your kitchen, and the idea of replacing cabinets with a hutch is just genius. What a great space to spend time with friends and family…enjoy!


  86. Beautiful! It is so much lighter and brighter and just lovely. I love that you tore out some cabinets and replaced them with the fabulous hutch you painted. All your hard work was worth it!

  87. GOOD GRIEF WOMAN!!! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! You did such an amazing job Jen, it’s absolutely beautiful ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  88. Hi Jennifer-

    You must be one happy smiling girl having such a beautiful kitchen. What a great transformation. I bet it is hard to leave the room – I would want to keep taking it all in. Perfect timing to have it complete – just in time for the hoildays. Just beautiful!

    My best- Diane

  89. All that hardwork really paid off….it is GORGEOUS!!!!! The hutch looks fabulous too :o)

  90. I , too, “escaped” an oak cave and found solace in a white kitchen!!!! Love it and yours, great work!
    Carol in GA

  91. I’m dreaming of a white kitchen. . .It’s absolutely gorgeous. LOVE!

  92. It turned out amazing. Great job!


  93. LOVE LOVE your new kitchen!

  94. That is so gorgeous , I have those same corbels you have installed at the ceiling , cute .

  95. I love a white kitchen and yours is gorgeous! Beautiful job! :)

  96. Oh, it’s really lovely! I’m so happy for you. Your pictures are just great and so…is that HUTCH!

    Have a beautiful weekend,

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps We are backsplash twins…I have white beaded board too! : )

  97. Oh man, that was worth the wait! IT’S FABULOUS!!! You are a true talent, and I LOVE everything, especially the hutch. Gorgeous!
    ~Angela :-)

  98. Sooooooo beautiful, spacious, and decorated perfectly! I love it!! We redecorated ours too recently and I’m so glad to have our old wall paper gone and bright colors on our walls. We went with a lighter color on our cupboards too!

  99. It’s really beautiful!! The decision to use the hutch was genius!

  100. Jennifer~ WOW~ I love this, great transformation working mostly with the “bones” of the kitchen you already had! Amazing what a little paint and that hutch oh that hutch!! The counter tops are really great, add a nice warmth to the kitchen and love your magazine-worthy styling of greenery, etc.!! I’m gonna save some of these pics in my inspiration files!!! ;-)

  101. W O W

    It is GORGEOUS!! Loooove it!!
    Lara :)

  102. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. oops! just had to come back and say how awesome it all looks Jenn!
    (i deleted the previous comment on accident!)

  105. Truly gorgeous!

  106. What a dream kitchen!!!

  107. WOW WOW WOW! How have I not seen your blog before? Your kitchen makeover is fabulous! It’s amazing what paint can do! I love that you have your grandmothers chandi in there, so special.
    We repainted our oak cabinets as well, such a difference.
    Have a great weekend!
    Take care

  108. All I can say is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  109. Gorgeous!! What a make-over!! You are so very talented and have great vision!

  110. me thinks it’s time for a blogger girl reunion

    parteeeee at Jen’s!


  111. I would love to know the brand and color of paints you used for the walls and hutch. I’ve looked through the past post but can’t find it. :(

  112. It looks fabulous! Wow you did an amazing job!

  113. it’s so gorgeous!!!

  114. Okay, Jenn I love your new kitchen so much, I had just had to come over and look at your pictures AGAIN LOL!!! It’s fabulous!!

  115. What a wonderful change! It is fabulous! So light and airy! Great job!

  116. Your kitchen turned out so beautiful, it should be in a magazine!! I love the hutch you added, it gives it so much personality (;

  117. It turned out beautifully and I love the way you accessorized it. Great job and worth the wait, I’m sure!

  118. Ohh WoW Jennifer, your kitchen is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! This is such a Awesome transformation, and how perfect that it is finished right in time for the holidays!!!!! I just know you are so going to enjoy cooking in that Beauty!!!! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing…. Love it, Love it!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  119. Looks AMAZING! What a difference. I agree that the oak had to go. So ’80s. Great great job. We have the same faucet and we love it :)

  120. I have been wanting to do mine for along time now.You did a great job and I love the hutch! I also really like the wood counter tops that’s what I would like as well.I like your blog design who designed it for you? ~Cheers Kim

  121. OhMYGoodness!!! Your kitchen is amazingly beautiful. I LOVE it!!! The chandelier makes it so elegant. You’ve done a lovely job. I do hope you enjoy it for a long, LONG time! :-)


  122. Oh my gosh…let me first say hello and good to meet you…then let me wipe the drool from my chin and say OH MY GOSH…..it is stunning…don’t think mine will compare to yours but I must thank you for the inspiration…I am going back for a second look…thanks so much for leaving me a note that led me to here!!! All the best,Chrissy

  123. This kitchen is inspired! I need to do the same thing, except my cabs are maple. I love how you took out some cabs and put in a hutch instead in a painted finish. Love the bead board backsplash and the wood counters!! Following you now!

  124. It turned out so beautifully Jen. Oh it makes me wish I had gone for white in the kitchen. All of it is just ‘right’!

  125. What an amazing job! It is just stunning! I am your newest follower and can’t wait to explore your blog!

  126. WOW!!!! It looks so beautiful!!! I love everything. White kitchens are my favorite, for sure. I am in love with the counter tops and the hutch. I can’t wait to hear all the details.

  127. I am In LOVE with your new kitchen. It’s just perfect!

  128. I’m in the process of a small remodel to my 1940′s kitchen and I would love to add a little island like you’ve got. Can you tell me the width of your kitchen? I can’t quite tell the size in comparison to mine. Thank you so much, your kitchen is beautiful!

    New to blogs,

  129. I’m in the process of redoing my 1940′s kitchen and I would love to add a little island like you’ve got. Can you tell me the width of your kitchen? I can’t quite tell the size in comparison to mine. Thank you so much, your kitchen is beautiful!

    New to blogs,

  130. OMG…Sigh…

    How absolutely fabulous! Magazine ready for sure! I love the paint colors…what did you use?

  131. Now this is one BEAUTIFUL white kitchen…love that hutch!!!!


    Need some Christmas cash? Hop over and enter my gift card GIVEAWAY!

  132. BEAUTIFUL kitchen!! Love how fresh and pretty it is and the hutch is gorgeous, the perfect addition. Does the chandelier give you a lot more light?

  133. Your kitchen is just gorgeous!!

  134. OH! MY! GOSH! It is utterly devine. I just finished a (white) kitchen remodel and I so wanted wood countertops but I was afraid…terribly afraid of the upkeep and if they would really hold up. Hope you plan to extensively expound on the countertops when you give the run down on your kitchen’s details. I could seriously be tempted to rip out my new LG acrylic countertops for wood after seeing yours. I am so in love! The hutch and chandelier are pretty darn awesome too. Beautiful job! Enjoy!

  135. How do you keep the germs out of the wooden counters? Who made them? I’ve seen them in Ikea for sale!!!

    Where is the microwave?

    Love white kitchens. Have a dated one right now, and in the planning and dreaming stages. Husband thinks I won’t be content without counters that I can disinfect, since I’m nutty about that. (I won’t even use our wooden cutting board :)

  136. Jen…this turned out FABULOUS!!!! How beautiful, serene and classic…love it all!! That hutch is gorgeous and what a great deal on your chandelier, so pretty!
    I am sure you will enjoy your new kitchen so much…you probably don’t want to go out of it. Just in time for Thanksgiving…enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!


  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. JENNNNNN!!!!!!

    I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA – I have just been reading long-overdue posts – and I am completely taken back by your kitchen!!! I am so excited for you and have saved some of them in my ‘dream decorating’ folder.

    I’m not surprised – your eye is FABULOUS – it is seriously night & day different than before, isn’t it!?

    Love it – so excited for you that it is all over – perfect timing!


  139. Oh Jennifer!

    I finally had a chance to stroll through your new kitchen. It is truly a work of art! It has such an elegant and welcoming beauty.

    You have to be so proud of what you did. You turned a nice ordinary kitchen into something so EXTRAORDINARY…what a fit you have.

    So happy to be your follower..


  140. I Heart it. Do u know the paint clor and brand they used on the cabinets?

  141. Stunning, Jen!


  142. Beautiful kitchen! Did you paint the cabinets? I’m currently painting my kitchen cabinets. I almost went with white, but ended up using a steely green grey.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It turned out so perfect!

  143. Lovely!

    It looks exactly like my kitchen…the one in my dreams!

    I especially love the chandelier and the hutch.

  144. I give your kitchen a 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++!!! Great job!!

  145. What a gorgeous kitchen! I love the creamy white cabinets with the wood countertops. It is so bright and lovely!

  146. Jennifer – I just discovered your blog via Morning T. I am SO glad I did! I agree with her statement that she has a “blog crush”! I think I do now, too! lol! After totally drooling over your kitchen redo – I can now visualize what my “oak cave” would look like if I could ever convince hubby to let me paint it. *sigh*…..a girl can only hope…..

    I’m your newest follower and am looking forward to learning more from you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  147. So.completely.gorgeous. I am speechless! Fabulous. WOW!


  148. I just found your blog and love the looks of your “new” kitchen! I painted our cabinets white earlier this year and am still so beyond happy with how it transformed our kitchen!

  149. Hi! Just found your blog – love, love, love it! And your kitchen is ‘right up my alley’ as us Brits would say :O)

    Have a fab weekend,
    B x

  150. Lovely tour – beautiful kitchen! I linked it to my “kitchen remodels done white” post too!

  151. Wow – just came over from Velvet & Linen. What a beautiful kitchen! I love how you styled it too, with the touches of green bringing out the white of the cabinets and the warmth of the wood. Love the hutch too – what a great touch!

    I am decluttering my house in preparation for listing it for sale, and it is amazing how much ‘stuff’ I keep in my cabinets – I truly only use two of my cabinets. I use the drawers and storage under the cabinets much more.

  152. Love the song that’s playing as background. Who’s the artisit?

  153. I am really really considering butcher block for my home. I have a question for you? Which butcher block did you get from Ikea? The numerar in oak? Also, How did you get the nice edge on them? Did you have someone come in with a router and route the edges? Now, that it’s been a while, How are they holding up? Has it been easy to sand out any nicks or stains?

  154. Oh how I DREAM of a white kitchen. You did an amazing job with the white renovation. I am going through a “white” phase right now too. Room by room, I am working to lighten and brighten.

  155. Hi, could you tell us where you found your light above the sink?? Thanks!

  156. OK I know that this was done last year but I just bought a new house and your kitchen island came to mind when I saw my new kitchen!! Was it a table and you put in a cabinet below it?? If you could share some details on your island I would be BEYOND Delighted!!

  157. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!! I am currently trying to paint my way out of my Oak cave and I like the way you matched your paritally exposed hinges to your cabinets. Did you spray them or paint over them? They look great in the photos. Do you like the way they look up close and in person? Thanks, Leigh

  158. Anonymous says:

    Leigh_Harless@hotmail.com …regarding the sprayed or painted over cabinet hinges. Thank you!! =)

  159. Anonymous says:

    Hello! – Where did you get your towel bar in front of your sink? I love that!
    thank you,

  160. I love it!! I found the pic of your kitchen last week in a magazine and had to make some changes. I had just bought a very similar shandy from my neighbor, I couldn’t believe she put it in her garage sale for $20! I snatched it up and it’s now hanging so bright, AND we got the breadboard up over the weekend. The painter is coming Friday. Two quick questions.. In the mag you did find a light for over the sink, where? I am interested in knowing how you did the hinges as well? And about the front towel bar? Please email me at christin.black@yahoo.com! Thx

  161. Where did you get your island?

  162. Stunning transformation, I love your style! Would love to cook in this kitchen it is so light and bright. Our cabinets are just about the same as the before shots, been thinking of painting ours as well. Great inspiration.

  163. I am IN LOVE with your kitchen! Brilliant makeover! You have got to be thrilled with the results!

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. I love this new cabinet makeover! I am always looking for something new to place on the counter too, recently I found this tuscan home decor jar that would look great under cabinets!



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