2010: The year the house hated us but we loved it back…

Have you ever had a year you were glad just to see go? Like a bad house guest?
2010 was a bit rough for us I might admit.  I know everyone kinda waxes nostalgic about all of the good things that have happened the previous year; but I know in reality for most people, an entire year is about the whole roller coaster ride, including all of the ups and downs.
But, always look on the bright side of life, right? So I thought I would cover some highlights. 
In 2010, there was the:
Blogger get together in IL. We really need another one of those! I met so many wonderful women. We miss you Annie!
  I had the thrill of meeting Anne Marie there and then joining in on her Nada Sales in both May and October. They were a huge success and mark you calenders for May 2011… The 20 and 21st. Not are there going to be some amazing vendors, but Fifi O’Neill is coming herself to sign her book!
 It was the year I decided to get back to my artistic roots and just create with  furniture, Santos dolls and one of  a kind clothing items. Things I could put my personal touch on.

 I was thrilled at how well my Etsy  opening went. I’ve decided to release my Spring collection April 3.

 I was able to go to Farm Chicks with some amazing friends and I met even more amazing women.

It got even  better when I was able to meet one of my heroes, MaryJane Butters at The Creative Connection.

There were all of those awesome things. And then there was the house.
 My house. The house I loved…until it turned on me.
Like a good relationship gone wrong….
like a country song…
We had fun times, like the project of my girls room. Oh house, how we enjoyed that one.

And our room. We laughed and cried for joy. You seemed so happy then. It was so romantic. We were so.. in sync..
And then, there was the infamous kitchen project. Even though our relationship struggled, and I wasn’t sure where we were going to end up; we made it through and came out even stronger. So thrilled to be together. I actually felt fulfilled and at peace.
I was so happy to see that we were able to patch things up after  a bit of a rough road, onto new adventures.
It must’ve found out that I was two-timing.
Well, it’s confirmed.  It just keeps breaking my heart. It’s hates us again.
But I still love it. Kinda.
Like a bad high school relationship…
Onto 2011~!


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  1. 1


    what an amazing year it was for you. despite the $ spent on your kitchen and bath redo. i know the bath is going to turn out to be just as gorgeous as the rest of the house.

  2. 3


    I know the feeling. Our cottage and I have a love/hate relationship too!

    I think your home is beautiful and it needs to stop turning on you! Hee hee!

  3. 4


    I love, love your girls room and the little details you did in there! Everything is so beautiful!! Yes, it seems once remodeling happens, it just continues! lol I feel right there with you, but the joy it brings us once the project is completed…happiness!! Looking forward to a great year ahead!!

    Hugs and love,

  4. 6


    Love ALL your reflecting-back Stories… I’m looking forward to being a first time Vendor at the Na-da-Farm May SaLe ~ sure to meet you then Jen…
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  5. 8


    wow youve been a busy lady this year!! 😉 LOVE all of your projects! Cant wait to see more. hugs,Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  6. 9


    Oh my gosh,what a great post….love how you tell a story!!!I have to ask…is your house old..cause thats usually when theres a love hate relationship(oh how well I know that)….guess you know what I am going through with the kitchen reno!?!? Anyway Happy 2011 to you! x0x0

  7. 10


    What a year ?? I agree up down back around. I am looking and and also wishing for a better year Im sure like others are.
    The other side of it I have gotten so much inspiration and kind words of encouragement from friends and blogging.I hope to give the same back.
    Thank-you for making the time to share with everyone.It inspires us.It is all worth it.Your stories and your photos.I really enjoy your blog and looking forward to seeing more the coming year.Wishing yo a fabulous New Year…Chickie

  8. 11


    Ahhh….I love the Be Good Tanyas! I’m looking forward to the new year, too. And this time at Farm Chicks, I promise not to stay up until 3am taking pictures of the hotel so I’m not too sleepy to meet for breakfast!

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. 12


    Owning a house is like a marriage, through good times and bad!

    So happy I found your blog ~ I have enjoyed the adventures you take us on and the inspiration you share with us!

    Happy New Year!

  10. 17


    This was the best year of my new life.

    I had gone through lots of ups and downs but deceided I was done with bad things and made a turn to enjoy every day.

    I lost precious family members that hurst but have to make it on my own now.

    So I buy and paint and buy and dream of things to paint. Love this blogging thing it has helped me so much to enjoy the little thngs in life.

    I learned how to do altered art jewelry this last year love that also.

    Happy New Year


  11. 25


    so glad you stopped by today!! Your home is amazing and you have been published in my favorite magazines :) happy new year to you….Julie

  12. 27


    What a post and what a year! It has been such a joy following your ups and downs with your house relationship – very touching at times! Hoping that in 2011 you can patch things up (get it!) and you have a long lasting relationship made in heaven!
    Happy New Year!

  13. 30


    HI,Jen, yep life is made up of ups & downs, I have had them too. This year wasn’t the best, but I’m looking forward to the new one.

    Love those bedroom projects & your kitchen, you’ve been very busy. Thanks for linking up!

  14. 31


    looks like it was a fantastic dream making year!!
    i’m sure the bath redo will be just as wonderful.
    ps..your girl’s room & the butterflies was one of my most fave posts

    happy new year jen xo

  15. 32


    Oh, my goodness! I just love your home!! I’m so glad I stopped by from Rhoda’s party. I’m your newest follower!! :)
    Can’t wait to see what you do in 2011!

  16. 33


    I can so relate. You fix one thing, then you need another. Good thing I love houses :) Ot’s the journey…at least that what I keep repeating. Hoping to see more of you in 2011.

  17. 36


    I love this post, and oh how I want to steal your headline! But I promise I won’t. :-) When I get the 852 pictures that have accumulated on my camera sorted out, maybe I’ll even write about it (novel idea, I know!).

    I’m so sorry I missed out on Mary the Santos (and yes I just Etsy stalked her which is how I know her name). Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see more.