Shut the front door….!

I love that saying…it’s so much nicer than what could be said  :) Speaking of shutting the front door, I am revamping my front entryway. Since we are in a spilt level, when you walking in our front door there is really no entryway; you are immediately in our living room. Aahhh….I dream of  a proper mud-room one day.
I thought I would share my inspiration photos with you.

This one is my favorite, 
it’s from EmersonMade.

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    I love perusing mudrooms! I don’t know how you would choose? chalkboard is fun! hooks are
    a place to dump everything and shut the door!:)

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    Oh, Jen I dream of a mudroom, too! The first photo you show is always my favorite…I *love* those floors soooo much!

    Cheers to dreaming…and moving one day! ;o)


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    That second picture is in my inspiration stash, too! I am also without a mudroom and don’t even have a coat closet. I keep thinking it’s all about the beadboard wainscoting, and if I just put up some of that, my entire foyer/coat/shoe storage issues would just fall right into place. It’s a theory, anyway…;-)

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    those are some really lovely inspiration photos. I think mudrooms are like unicorns. You hear about them and they seem beautiful in pictures, but I’m not sure they really exist. No one I know has a mudroom or anything like these photos!

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    My back entry was small and always filled with shoes, sneakers, and boots. My husband took out the (always falling off the track) triple doors of the closet and instead built in a deep bench, with coat hooks all around it. with cupboards ceiling to floor on either side, the top ones stepped back 8 inches for some breathing room.
    Awesome storage area since so much height is wasted in a closet. The best part, though, are the shoe and boot drawers. Taking a cue from my kitchen slide out for pans, I had him create shallow pull outs for shoes and boots. Awesome I tell you! Even the grandchildren come in and put their shoes in a drawer!

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    i just saw that last image last week and pinned it. love it. and at anytime here, you might see a gun propped. crazy. have fun revamping the entry. can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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    Oh man- you’re killing me with these! Love them!

    “shut the front door!!!” hilarious! My sister told me about a friend from work whose 9 year old kept saying “shut the f____ up!”, not exactly knowing what she was saying. So he taught her “shut the front door!” instead. Every time I hear that now I crack up!

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    I love a good mudroom!
    I have a great mudroom but it’s always too messy to photograph :) We just got it back after 2 months of being closed off due to renovations. I sure did miss it!

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    I love this post Jennifer! I am making over the entryway in our home at the moment. I have always worried about having our coats and shoes etc…as the first thing people see when they enter our home, but with a family of 5 in a tiny cottage, practicality now has to come before anything. So your pics have given me so much inspiration – THANK YOU! Wishing you a wonderful week~ Tina x

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    Hi Jen,
    I love all of your inspiration photos. I have an entryway, and although it’s small, it looks much like what you are showing here.
    I guess I should be really grateful, I never have enjoyed having a living room that the front door opens right up into.
    Hugs, Cindy

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    our new utility room aka mud room was one of the major somethings I requested when we began our home reno…so I get it!
    It is so…nice having a place to come in and take your shoes and coats off…drop the mail!
    I look forward to actually moving into to use this new space!

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    I have a picture of my dream house in my mind….It’s been there for years. That dream house has a mudroom. A big beautiful mudroom that leads to the laundry room and kitchen…..

    {sigh}…..maybe someday…..

    xoxo laurie

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    I dream of a mud room with lockers, hooks, cupboards, the whole nine yards! I put a small bench by my front door with a basket for shoes and a wall hanging mirror/hook unit. It’s my teeny tiny version of your inspiration photos.

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    what great inspiration!
    I’d love to have a proper mudroom – with a sink for cleaning off garden soil and a countertop for clipping blooms and doing odd outdoor projects. Our current entry is very small and gets out of hand very quickly (the bench is barely available for sitting which is what it’s intended for!) :)

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    Gah, I love them all…can’t even pick a favorite! I too have a split level and alas, no room for a mudroom such as these :( I actually do know one very lucky lady who recently had her main level renovated and she has the mudroom/laundry room of my DREAMS….I must beg her one day to let me photograph it, so I can share with you…dang, I am green with envy over her new rooms, they are stunning!!! :-)

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    I´m Mirys, from the Diary of the 3 Musketeers. A single mom, crazy about my kids and what else can I do to make them feel good in their new home and new life.

    So… I saw a picture of an entryroom at Pinterest and… one thing led to another… and here I´m!

    I loved your blog and I think it´s amazing what you have done with your kitchen / dinning room. Congrats!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil)