Custom mix your own paint colors…

You know how you have  a certain picture of a color in your mind and you just can’t seem to find it on the paint deck? You know how your grey might just need a touch of blue, but no one has that shade?
You can custom mix your own paint!
You can custom mix your own paint colors
Be brave.
You can do your own custom mixes. I like the use either sample quarts or small accent cans of paint for the tinting.
 This picture was taken when I thought I wanted to paint my cabinets before the kitchen remodel
and I learned I could mix my own paint and they could color match it.
…way before I had decided on a white kitchen. :)
It’s as simple as playing around like the kids do and mixing colors. Letting it dry, and trying a bit more in tiny increments.
Kind of like  cooking, a pinch of this and a pinch of that. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I’ve used old paint, I’ve used art paints, I’ve even used craft paints.
Most of the time I end up using up all of the sample cans I brought home that aren’t quite right.Just make sure to mix it in small batches, so you can remix and try again if you don’t like the results.
-Start with a base color in a small jar or container.start with a base color.
– Slowly add the color in small increments you would like to add.
-Paint it on a wood board primed in white.
-Use a hair dryer to dry it quickly and see if it’s the color you want. If not, add more of the color you are tinting with.
-After mixing, label them clearly  in a baby food or small jar while you are waiting for the paint to dry, (because paint always is different when it dries.).
-Mark it clearly on the surface so you remember which paint is which. There’s nothing like finally getting the right color and then realizing you don’t know which container it is.
– When you finally have found the paint of your dreams, paint it with at least 2 -3 coats on a clean WOOD  paint stick.
-Let it thoroughly dry in between. 
-Do not paint it on paper. The color reader can’t read it correctly.

-Then happily take your dried, newly mixed  to the paint store of choice and ask them to color match it.
Seriously. See I told you it was simple.
Now go paint!
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    Wonderful idea. I have never tried to mix my own paint but I am doing my kitchen/living room in the spring and I am really indecisive about colors. I have a ton of windows so I need to look at the paint for a few days. Do you know which brands carry the samples?


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    I came by this idea on my own last night and was wondering if I had made a horrible mistake but it worked amazingly =D I have a coffee table I found on the side of the road that I am turning into a car table for my son and all I had on hand was a can of beige touch up paint. So I grabbed my blue acrylic paint and mixed it with half of the touch up can, and it worked great! I had to use a good 80% of the bottle to get the colour I wanted, but I did it again with lime green and love it and it would only cost under ten dollars to buy all this stuff new!