Adding the finishing touch with a faux fireplace…..

My hubby wanted me to name this post “If you build it, he will come.”
I thought that was quite clever, and I was so excited to finally have a mantel.
  I’ve dreamt of having a fireplace with a mantel from the minute we went house shopping.
 When we bought this house(sans fireplace)I hoped that my next house would have one.  Well, 11 years later we are still on our “starter” house and I was still mantel dreaming.
I knew even  a fake one wasn’t currently in the budget.

 However, a few weeks ago, I was headed to the store and lo and behold, one of my neighbors had put this one out to the curb for the trash. They were even kind enough to tape the screws to it. Thank you thoughtful  neighbors.
 It was a golden oak color and made of press-board, but I didn’t even care. A coat or two of paint, some sand paper and a fake backer, and she was ready to go. It’s not perfect, there a hole cut in one side of the base, but she’s all mine.
 I used her in my booth at Morris and had quite a few offers, but I knew it was coming home with me.
I was so excited when we finally got it put together in my living room, I was bursting. I am looking forward to decorating it this holiday season, and when the kids saw it, they were so excited that we had a real place to hang the stockings this year.
Best. Roadside.Find. Ever.
Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus…. and he likes to leave stuff in the trash.
And it’s awesome.  

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  1. Hi Jennifer, how cool is that! She’s beautiful, and even better that she was free! Our old rental had no fireplace, so my husband made a mantle for me, when we moved we sold it, people at our yard sale were scrambling to buy it! That was 9 years ago. I still want to paint ours white, I just feel it sets off our pretties better that way. Your vignette is so lovely, the suitcases are perfect!

  2. Wow Jennifer! I soooo jealous, but that’s OK. When someone wants to buy something it makes it even better!! Beautiful!!

  3. Love your fireplace … and, you’ve accessorized it beautifully!

  4. I just love it…such a nice addition and love the way your decorated it!!…Mariaelena

  5. I found one in the trash too, and just love it. I put lots of candles in mine, to make a pretend ‘fire’! Love how you’ve styled this one!

  6. What a score! So glad you finally have a mantel – very exciting!

  7. Awesome, and I love the way you’ve decorated it!!

  8. So charming Jen and I love the way you have accessorized it! I’m sure you will love decorating it for Christmas and your kiddos will love adding their stockings!!

  9. jen, that is awesome. i love it. you are amazing with your decorating too. the suitcases in it looks great. never would have thought of that.

  10. Aren’t roadside finds the best?? Lol! I have my fair share of them, and I always feel quite proud to give a rescued piece new life!

    It looks fabulous, the way you styled it looks great!


  11. that’s kind of my ultimate dream find!! is that sad? whatever- i want a mantle for our bedroom, and the $175 for the cheapest one i’ve found is NOT cutting it. i find all kinds of great things on the side of the road, so maybe i just need to be patient! yours is lovely- congrats! : )

  12. Wow! That’s AWESOME. I love it.Especially when I have Serendipity (An unexpected pleasure) Enjoy the time decorating.

  13. Jen -
    You made this look beautiful! Great vision on a pressed board piece that looks fabulous. You are going to have so much fun decorating for Christmas. Do you think you will be able to just decorate it once? On another note, congrats on being selected for “Banners We Love” in Artful Blogging.
    Connie LOU

  14. Wow, it’s beautiful! Best score EVER and what you did with it is perfect!


  15. Your mantle is perfect and the price was even better (you can’t beat free). I love how you have staged it with your vintage suitcases. Very cute!


  16. How cute is that…and you styled it so beautifully.

  17. Very classic and looks great! Love the suitcases inside…I remember wanting one for my tiny home and found an old one at a second hand vintage type shop. I loved it!! My son has it now in his Boston apartment. Got the silver butter dish and you were so sweet to send the pretty tea towel!! xxoo thanks!

  18. I LOVE this mantle and how it has streaks of blue! That is so cozy and pretty looking! A couple of months ago, my hubby and two of his friends built one to cover my SUPER ugly fireplace in our rental! The best part is, I can take it with me!! {and you can reposition it anywhere!!} Have fun decorating for the season :) This is our first time hanging stockings on a real mantle too!!!

  19. LOVE it!
    One day I hope to have a mantle, too! You’ve decorated it perfectly, too. so cute!

  20. Love that mantel! I’d love to have one in several rooms in my home! The paint reall sets it off! Linda

  21. What a Great Find.. and Looks Just Amazing. Love how you have it set up..Very Inspirational..

  22. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  23. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  24. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  25. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  26. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  27. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  28. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  29. Such a wonderful find Jen! It looks beautiful! xoxo

  30. You lucky girl! A diamond in the rough, and a free find! Your paint and creative styling worked magic…it looks fabulous. I am now inspired and am off to purchase some paint to turn my sideboard into something breathtaking!

  31. Jennifer, that mantle and your decor is so charming and pretty! How awesome is it to get something that someone discarded, and then turn it into something gorgeous? Lucky girl. :-)

  32. Love the suitcases and your mantle is great! Laura

  33. I feel your enthusiasm! Your mantle is perfect and those stockings are going to look awesome hanging in the front! Enjoy playing with your new found treasure…:)

  34. That is a wonderful find!
    LOVE the suitcases stacked in there!

  35. Yay! I know what it is like to live in a house without a mantle (or fireplace). I love the way you painted it, so soft and pretty, the vignette you created around it is sweet! It doesn’t get any cheaper than FREE!

  36. I love your fireplace and how you decorated it. It was so nice to meet you. Your booth was fantastic and your mirror was one of the best finds of the day!

    Glad I could hug you in person,

    Cyber hug,
    elizabeth :-)

  37. lol! You sound like me when I moved into this old farmhouse and saw the fireplace in the living room. It was love at first sight! Then, when I came across a frantel at a flea market this summer, it found a home in our kitchen! I’m loving every season I can decorate them both, Jen! They truly add alot of ambiance to a room. ♥ Have fun with yours this year! Great find!!

    xoxo laurie

  38. Great makeover, and happy to hear that you are so thrilled with your new curbside find. We have the gas fireplace, for 13 years now, but it is off center and we are just this week starting to add the mantel. I hope we can get it done for Christmas.

  39. Oh my goodness I am seriously jealous. I’ve been trying to convince my hubby that we don’t need a fireplace to have a mantel. I’m hoping that he comes to his senses soon enough. I’ll have to show him this and maybe he’ll understand. Now you have a place for your stockings!

    If Work Permits

  40. You are so right, that is a FABULOUS road side find! You’ve done it up beautifully!!!


  41. that is so ridiculously fabulous, and i love the way you accessorized it. those suitcases inside are perfect!

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  43. Yes, yes it is awesome! What a stellar find. And it found the perfect home too. It looks wonderful, and I just bet you ARE so excited to get to decorate it this holiday season. How fantastic that you found each other :)))

  44. Jennifer,
    It looks great and you’ve shown how creative you can be with a “faux” fireplace. Back in the 80′s my mom had an electric fireplace she would decorate for Christmas. I think the “fire” was just a light bulb behind faux logs but she decorated it with greenery, stockings and Santas and we all enjoyed it. Years later she passed it on to my sister who used it out in her 3-season porch. Once again it was really cute in that setting too. Thanks for all the great inspiration and Merry Christmas.

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