Pops of red….a mini holiday kitchen tour for Christmas….

Even though it has been a few years since I have had red in my house, I wanted to add a bit to my kitchen. It just seemed so festive.
Jennifer Rizzo's Chrismtas kitchen
I found this awesome table runner at Tar-jay… it makes my kitchen feel just a little Swedish.
Target table runner
  I love pomegranates. My kids love them too and beg for them every day.
It’s not so bad peeling them under water in a bowl. I think they are so pretty and add just a pop of color. There is nothing like a dash of juice and some seeds in some champagne. :)
Pomengranates for xmasAfter the fist picture, I swapped out the green avocados for pears and I like it much better.
Fruit as Holiday decor
 I found this plate at Anthropologie on sale for $7. I thought the deer was perfect and I liked the little red dots.
Anthropologie plate
 A couple of candy canes in a jar are perfect for bribery. We buy the ones  from Whole Foods  that are colored with natural beet dye. My little one is allergic to some red dyes. While they aren’t a bright red, they still taste yummy. That’s why there are only about 6 left and I just opened them about 5 days ago.
Natural candy canes displayed
 a mug from Goodwill holds  a little holiday nest.
And I love switching the mugs out for more festive ones on my vintage bottle drying rack.
use a Bottle drying rack to hold vintage santa mugs
And I had to show you this little, red chair I picked up this last fall.
 Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday kitchen with red and cute wreath over window
I bought it at The Kane County Flea Market.  I had intended to sell it, but now I just can’t part with it, it’s so darn cute; and the kids love sitting on it. Maybe I should make it the new time out chair ;)
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  1. I love all of your red finds, especially the table runner. I would never guess it came from a department store!
    Over at “A Country Farmhouse” she shared a Martha Stewart tutorial on seeding a pomegranate. I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks pretty easy.

  2. Your touches of red look so pretty!! I love your red chair.It’s funny because i was going to buy the same table runner,but then i didn’t. I should have. It’s so cute.


  3. The tiny splashes of red are delightful. From the lovely table runner to the wonderful chair, it all adds just the right amount of color. I also like the little wooden house that accompanies your candy cane jar.

  4. I love your touches of red! Do you know what is funny? When I go to the end of the post~I thought it said that you bought the chair at the “Candy Kane Flea Market” lol! I guess I really was soaking in everything you wrote! And your table runner looks like a great vintage find, not like it came from a department store!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. i think the touches of red are perfect. love the runner and the stool. you can’t sell it. looks so cute in your kitchen.

  6. The red is so pretty in your kitchen and the little stool/chair is just gorgeous. Hugs, marty

  7. Very pretty~love all the touches you have in the kitchen. IT does have a swedish vibe!

  8. Beautiful touches of color. Hmmmm might have to head to Target to look for that runner.
    The chair is fab!!

  9. That is a very cute red chair. I love it.

  10. What a fun kitchen tour! I love the muted tones of the WFM candy canes. I buy the pomegranates for decoration but never to eat, I will have to try them.
    The red chair is practical for the kids and it looks great, keep it for sure!


  11. Loving your pops of red!
    And, if your like me…you can keep it all out until Valentine’s Day! :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  12. Your kitchen looks so pretty, Jen! I don’t have red around much except at Christmas time either,but there is just something about it {and greenery} that makes anything look Christmasy. Great runner!

  13. What fun touches! I don’t use much red either, but in the kitchen it seems to work for me too. I missed seeing that runner at Target, and I think the canes look perfect. I found a chair simliar to that at auction this summer, did you find it red or did you paint it?

  14. Love the reds, so pretty. Everything looks perfect, love the runner and Anthro plate. I went with a pink theme, if you get a chance stop by. Have a wonderful holiday, Laura

  15. Beautiful…LOVE the chair and runner especially!

  16. Your touches of red are wonderful in the kitchen. Love the snowflake runner and that red chair is awesome!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. I’m swooning right now! Love that runner, may have to look for one. Love all the red touches you’ve added for Christmas and REALLY wish I could have that darling red stool. I don’t blame you for not wanting to part with it.

  18. Oh I adore that chair and I cannot believe that runner was from Target. Target just keeps getting better all the time.

  19. Hi~ Loving the pops of red. It is so funny, during the year I dont have one things that is red in my house and then Christmas comes and it is rd, red and more red!!!I wish I could have done it more low key like you have don:))

    Have a wonderful holiday!!

  20. Tar Jay eh! ha, guess I’ll have to make a trip to mine, I’m so in love with that table runner.
    Your kitchen looks good with red, not sure why you’ve stayed away from it.

  21. P.S. Merry Christmas!

  22. Love that runner, might have to go take a little drive :) The pops of red are gorgeous!

  23. Love it. Your kitchen looks great. I embraced red too this holiday season. And I decided red makes me happy! Haha…love your little chair, I have a red chair and use it all the time. Your blog is wonderful and I always enjoy popping by to see what you are up to! Have a blessed Christmas!

  24. I can’t get enough of red at Christmas time – any time of the year really. Your sprinkling of red in the kitchen added such a nice contrast to the rest of the room. Oh, and the red chair – FABULOUS, no way I’d get rid of it either.

  25. I love your pops of red. That table runner is so swedish! I have not seen that at Target. I too added pops of red this year and haven’t had red in my cottage for many many years. I blame Ikea! I have not seen those candy canes but I like the faded color better and we mostly organic, natural, homegrown, homemade. so I am going to look for them. Merry Christmas.

  26. It all looks so beautiful! You are so talented at decorating! I love the way you tiered up all the cake stands.

  27. I’m loving that table runner (and the red chair).

  28. I’m a big fan of the red and whites. Loooove that table runner!

  29. I adore your pops of color, and that runner is just darling!

    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  30. I love the touch of red.It add to the Christmas touch. i think especially when you have kids around the house. I sometimes want to do all white but I end up always adding that red in it.That Santa touch if you know what I mean. Love the pics. Have a warm and creative day…Chickie

  31. Your kitchen is adorable! We have yet to redo our old farmhouse kitchen, our countertops are red, believe it or not!! But red is my favorite color, so I am working with it! :)
    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas,

  32. Jen,
    Your kitchen looks so festive and pretty! My Mom has a chair just like yours. It belonged to my greatgrandma and was used for all her grandkids as they grew up! My sister and I used it when we were small and now my kids and my sisters kids have all used it, too! Love the red color…can’t wait to show my mom yours! Merry Christmas….. dee dee

  33. love the touches of red…..that red barstool is awesome.

  34. I love the pop’s of red but I love that dining room hutch just FAB!

  35. Jen – The red stool sure brings back memories for me as a child. We had one similar, also painted red, that my grandpa made out of sheet metal. The legs look almost identical. I would always sit in it, over the register in the kitchen, while my mom would make dinner. It got passed on to my brother when he started having kids but he gave it back to me prior to him passing away. You have to keep it. It is special……I just know it!

  36. Jen, I looooove your touches of red! Last year in my old house I got the red bug too. I even punched out some fairly large snowflakes in red and used sticky tack to place them on my off white cupboards in a festive pattern. Everyone who came over raved…and it was just cardstock…but they looked fabulous…and since I am half Swedish, that made it even better!

    That red chair. I love it too! But, I think it should be a chair for good behavior…not bad…just sayin’…it’s too cute and they love it.

    Question. I’ve been eyeing your towel rack in front of your sink. It looks cute, but is it annoying sticking out, do you get wet from wet towels hanging? My husband has been nixing the idea…but I’m hanging towels in my new house over the ends of drawers, as there’s just no place, and well….’nough said.
    Merry Christmas!

  37. you know that I am loving this red in your kitchen….since I too love a bit of red!!

    everything looks so great Jennifer

    Merry Christmas!!

  38. i have a soft spot for red, it just kind of creeps into my spaces! i love the chair so cute! have a merry christmas! susan

  39. Love that runner (why didn’t I see that at Target?!) and the red chair. I haven’t been to Kane Co Flea Mkt in a couple of years – great place!

  40. Gorgeous! Love that plates and the runner the most.

  41. The tiny splashes of red are delightful. From the lovely table runner to the wonderful chair, it all adds just the right amount of color. I also like the little wooden house that accompanies your candy cane jar.

  42. Oh all so beautiful!!! I am also a red kind of girl. Comes the Holidays, my entire house goes red!!


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