Crochet.. more than just for scarves….

As many of you know, I am  a huge crocheter. I started learning from my Gram when I was about 9. After all ,we are Polish; it’s like a national sport. I rememember reading in the paper a few years ago that there was this dying village in Poland with no work and all of the young people were leaving to look for jobs. Someone there had the brilliant idea to start selling crocheted lace underwear on the internet and it saved the town. There’s Lifetime movie for you. I’d love to see in person all those 80-year-old Busia’s making crotchless panties. 
I learned by example and have  a hard time following patterns and only now am learning the names of stitches. It makes me happy that crochet is becoming so hot and gives me a ton of ideas…
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest


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    I have wanted a crochet dress for as long as I can remember. My cousin has a navy blue one and it is the most stunning thing in her closet. Also Ikea has great crochet baskets in a cream color for storing things.


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    I learned to knit when I was young and never got beyond scarfs because I never learned to follow patterns!! Crochet is so popular and I hear it is a bit easier than knitting. These images are enough to persuade anyone to learn!


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    My Grandpa was the huge crocheter in our family. He made each of his 13 grandchildren their first baby blankets. I wish I’d have let him teach me how to make more than just a granny square.

    What I miss more than anything that he made though were his slippers. They were snug and warm and you could really get your slide on across my Gradma’s floor.

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    This is just too funny! I was giggling like a schoolgirl here reading this! I love to crochet. I prefer it to knitting, it’s faster. I think you have just inspired me to get started on those crocheting projects that I have had in mind for so long!

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    Oh how I’d love to learn. My grandmother tried to teach me, too but I’m left-handed and it wasn’t until I was much older that someone mentioned my sitting across from her. We tried again & I was just starting to get the hang of it when she had her stroke. With all that was going on at the time, I put it down and by the time I’d picked it back up, I’d forgotten all she had taught me. It is a huge regret. Someday I’ll learn…maybe this is my year. Looking at these pictures has me wanting to get busy with it again.

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    Happy New Year Jen, Loved your post and seeing all the creativity out there. All it takes is some quiet (hard to find I’m sure) and a hook and some yarn. It’s really pretty amazing if you think about it. Love, Penny

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    I love all these photos especially the last one of the grey knitted necklace, soo pretty! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and I am still trying to figure out in my tiny little head how crochet panties would actually work! :) muwahh, T

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    Couldn’t find an e-mail to give you this info directly picture #2 is a knit item if you go directly to the original post here is the description.

    The giant knitted products by Christien Meindertsma have been around for a while but are a perfect addition to the knitting trend. These knitted poufs are a great solution for informal seating and add a burst of colour to the room.

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    I love this post! My Grandmother and Mother are both crochet-ers (is that a word?) and taught me at a young age. Now my own daughter has taken an interest. All of her friends received hand-made scarves and hats this Christmas!

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    I loved crocheting when I was in my early 20’s (not sure if you can say crocheting?. Now in my 40’s I can’t get my self to sit down and do it. Love Love all the projects that you are sharing. Thank you. Ciao Rita

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