Curtains from tablecloths….

Many of you asked about my new drapes… I thought I would let you in on my secret…
While I loved my old drapes, I really needed something that would freshen up the room a bit and give it that “spring” feel. My only problem is that my window is 108 inches wide  and my curtain rod is 87 inches high. It takes 4 panels to cover the window. Last time it was almost $200 just for some panels on sale. I thought I would look for some cheap fabric when I got around to it.

I was out shopping and I walked down the linens aisle on a detour. A fabric pattern caught my eye on some tablecloths. A 60 x 102 inch table cloth was only $16! That was less than $70 for all four panels! They gave me not only more than enough width and length, but they were already hemmed at the bottom and finished on the sides! This was a much easier solution than buying fabric and almost cheaper.
I measured how long I wanted the curtains and sewed the top over with a straight stitch to make a rod pocket. Next, I hung them on the rod. It took less than15 minutes and was so incredibly easy. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. You could also do no-sew by folding them over and using drapery rod clips. I had tried that at first, but with having a double rod it looked kind of weird with the sheers.

I am so happy with my new curtains. They are a really nice heavy weight cotton and tablecloths are meant to be washed so I know they will launder well. When I want to change them I can just use them as tablecloths again or even make pillows out of them.

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  1. What a nice idea! Certainly cost effective, and easy to create with one line of stitching! happy to see you are part of the winter makeover series, I had one last Monday!

  2. They are so pretty, Jen! Love the print. I very rarely buy actual “drapes”…waaaay to expensive for me, too. You made quite a find! ;o)


  3. That looks great, Jen! I was thinking about tablecloths as swags for my daughters open family room and dining room windows. This is such a pretty pattern on yours. I think they look great in the room.

  4. The curtains look so pretty and that is a great idea with a table cloth!!

  5. Love the idea! My windows are 108″ as well and I recently took down the linen panels I made a few years ago and just kept up the bamboo shade. I will remember this trick for the future when I want panels back, but not break the bank. Thanks for sharing your secret :)

  6. They look great.I really need a sewing machine.I am like you I don’t like to spend allot on curtains.I like to change things to often and it would be crazy to spend that kind of cash.

  7. They add nice color, look wonderful and are sew easy to make!

  8. That is a brilliant idea!
    I think I shall borrow it. :-)


  9. Thanks so much for being a part of the series. The curtains look great. I walk right through the tablecloth aisle without taking a second glance. What a clever and cost effective idea. Also, love that afghan.

  10. Love them! And that fabric pattern is fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  11. R u with holding the store name? Lol, seriously I need these!!!

  12. The fabric is beautiful and the print is perfect for that room. Love them Jen!

  13. Yup my Family room curtains are tablecloths too, great weight, hemmed, and really almost ready to hang right out of the package!


  14. I’m sorry you couldn’t post a comment and I have now added my email link, I never knew it wasn’t showing, anyhow, I want to check these out maybe as fabric to reup a chair??? My wheels are spinning…btw did you see it in any other color scheme? :)c

  15. I loved the look of your sheers and curtains…….so much that I coped it in our music room! I also loved the curved lines of the couch…..which I coped as well!

    I’m loving my room and just put up pictures this week

    Thanks for giving me some inspiration!

  16. look wonderful and seem to be easy to make…like it.

    window shutters clayton, ca

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