Forcing bulbs…

 I had a few bags of bulbs left over last fall that I was just too lazy to put it. I was afraid they would rot if I just left them out in the open or they would attract critters; so I put them in the “beer fridge” in the garage.

I decided that I would try forcing them for some early blooms.  I just put these in an old mug from Goodwill with some gravel on the bottom and put in  a little water every day just till it barely touched the bottom of the bulbs. I didn’t really expect much, but what the heck?
I used Tulip bulbs. I have heard Paperwhites are even easier to force, but I have to be honest. I hate the smell of Paperwhites. I think they faintly have a “sick’ stink. We have enough of that going on at the Rizzo house already.
When they actually started to grow roots, I was shocked and elated!  And then I saw tiny green shoots popping up and it was even more exciting to see something growing in February!
 The ones I put in the birdbath basin with some potting soil and patio moss are already springing to life!
 Every day they change, and some days, a lot! I just make sure I keep everything evenly moist.
 Roots are feeling their way down and little green shoots reach towards the sunlight.
 I think I am going to have to rotate the bowl every day to make sure they don’t lean. I am so excited to see what it looks like when it is flowering! I might do some in gravel for my girls room in teacups.
 It was the easiest thing in the world to do. I’ll never buy pots of  planted forced bulbs again.
Here is some more information on forcing bulbs if you too are feeling that spring time itch. :)

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    I was afraid to say that I thought paperwhites smelled stinky…I thought I would offend someone or that it was just me!! I’m glad you are in agreement. Plus, they grow really tall and then keel over.

    I can’t wait to see how your tulips look. I love how you planted the bulbs in the moss…so pretty! :)


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    Thanks Jen for such a wonderful taste of spring! It’s so true about the paper whites. When I had some blooming a couple of years ago my daughters kept complaining of a strong odour in the house…we later realized it was the paper whites! So lovely but oh so stinky. Lol!
    Looking forward to seeing the blooms.

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    I love what you said about having enough of that stink in your house already! I hate that smell, too. I did the paperwhites for the first time this year and that is exactly how I described them, sickly sweet. Don’t think I’ll do them again. On the other hand, my amaryllis bulbs that took 3 months to bloom are beautiful. I love how there is a flower coming out in all directions. So pretty!


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