The Vintage Market…

Here are some quick pictures from Polly’s yesterday before I head out the door this morning…

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    It was so nice to meet you.You are so sweet.Wish we had more time to chat.Maybe I will catch up with you at another show.I had a great time.So much to see.Wish I had more money and time.Never enough of either.She has a beautiful home.So sweet of her to open it up like that.Amazing how she transformed her home into a shop.

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    Oh my goodness!!! I just came across your blog – and am soon hoping to spend hours here!!! I loved your post about getting inspired by God, and everything else you have written that I have had a chance to read so far! I will be back shortly – but HAD to ask – did you make those neat swags with the book pages? Do you tell anywhere how you made them? I LOVE them, and having tons of old books from my in-laws estate, and not being able to throw them out – I LOVED this idea! (I have a whole file on pinterest about what to do with old sheet music!) – Can’t wait to visit again!!!

    Hugs from Michigan – Diane (Vruwink) Carlson