Bathroom reveal…!

Finally! One spring break and  one 40th birthday later, here is the final bathroom reveal!!!
it’s been a long journey, you can read  about how it all began here.

 After adding the board and batten,  we changed out the dark cabinet for a frame-less one I found at the Salvation Army for $12.99! It was an awesome find.
The glass shelf is from Bed, bath and beyond.
  I found the towel hooks at Anthropologie, they were actually only $2.95 a piece! Aren’t they cute?
 I fell in love with the soap dispenser. It was a clearance item from Homegoods. It adds a touch of glitz. I love our TJ Maxx/Homegoods for that kind of thing!
I did splurge on the guest towel at Anthro. :)
I bought these washcloths at Homegoods and put them in an ombre pattern. I love to use these as guest towels. It cuts down on having one germy, soping wet towel and I just throw them in with the regular wash.
 I found this  brass hand sign at the vintage market. It’s the perfect reminder for my kids!
I found the canvas at Homegoods. It was also a clearance item. It’s such a great pop of color. The wall color is Dolphin by Martha Stewart. The woodwork is White Dove by Benjamin Moore.
 This is the floor we put in last year when the initial repair started. I just love the vintage black and white looking effect with the light grey grout. The shower curtain are actually curtains from Ikea. I hate how short real shower curtains are. I have a cloth shower curtain liner on the inside with another rod, and I just pull them down once in a while and give them a wash. 
It’s such a relief to finally have it done, and I love how bright it is. I don’t cringe any more when I go in there. :)

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  1. Love that bathroom. I’d love to do something similar in color in my downstairs guest bath. I like the washcloth idea for drying hands…nice and fresh. Linda

  2. I love…love…love your redo!! It’s such a happy space now!! And I love all the little touches!!! Great job!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! So inspiring!! And by the way, love Anthro and everything about it!Awesome job Jen!!

  4. I love it. DId you board and batten right over the tile? What a great solution for an inexpensive update. Thanks for sharing, liz

  5. Beautiful, Jen! Love the blues you brought in and you got some great finds. It’s always fun to be able to the decorative part without breaking the bank!

  6. So fresh and light! Love the pops of color. And you have so many interesting little details. I’m not sure I’d get around to washing my hands with so much to look at! Really beautiful!

  7. beautiful!!! Love the wash your hands sign (: wish my kiddos could read…Someday I may have to use your idea!

  8. love, love, love! Wonderful colors. I think I have to go and get some of those Anthro towels – too pretty!

  9. Jennifer!

    Your new bath is gorgeous! It is so bright and cheerful and clean and awesome. I love every single detail and couldn’t be more happy for you!

    WELL DONE!!!!!

  10. wow! It looks so bright and fresh!! Great job! I adore the tile!

  11. Your new look is amazing , and I love the little sign “Wash your hands” so cute , and your hooks are stunning…
    Have a great day…
    Blessings Lori

  12. It is lovely! Bright, airy, spa like….I love it!

  13. Jennifer, it turned out so pretty! I love the brass hand sign…wonderful vintage touch.

  14. You did a great job! Just beautiful. Love the ombre towels and all of your little special touches!

  15. This is so beautiful!!! I love all of your choices right down to the towels!

  16. AMAZING, Jen! So fresh and bright! Great job!


  17. This looks amazing. I love every fabulous detail! I want it! :-)

  18. I am in love with your new bathroom. And it is so YOU! That must be such a great feeling to have it finished. Enjoy

  19. Love everything about your new bathroom! So cute-your little touches make all the difference. What a great idea to use washcloths as guest towels! Why didn’t I think of that?

  20. What a lovely makeover! Great tip about the washclothes instead of hand towels and the shower curtain. Overall, it’s a great renovation.


  21. Jennifer,
    LOVE how this turned out.Much brighter and pretty too.I am sure you are thrilled to finally have it done.

  22. Oh wow Jen, beautiful job!!! I love what you’ve done. I’m so ready to redecorate my one good bathroom now because I want white and aqua!!

    Have a great week!

  23. Oh Jennifer,
    It looks absolutely gorgeous!!
    You did a fabulous job!!~
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  24. JEN! Its fabulous….LOVE IT! And OH-so Pin-worthy…. xoxo

  25. BEAUTIFUL!!! So light and airy and FRESH looking. I really love the little hand sign holder, such a cute idea. Great job!!

  26. Jen it’s gorgeous! I love every single detail! Everything you do is just awesome. :)


  27. Jen…where does one begin…it is picture perfect..tell me are you able to walk away from it at bedtime or do you just stand there and stare at it? WOW!!!!! x0

  28. I LOVE your design, Jen! You have an incredible eye for design.

  29. It turned out great! I have the same hooks from anthro in my bathroom…I got them for $2.95 too!! Love all your little details and the board and batten – great job!

  30. So pretty! I love the long shower curtain and the little hooks. It all looks so light and airy!

  31. Wow Jen it is absolutely gorgeous, bravo!!

  32. so beautiful! I love the idea of using washcloths as guest towels. perfect!

  33. Charming! It’s fresh & bright. Thanks for sharing’

  34. I love the shade of blue you are using in your new bathroom! The Anthro towel pulls it all together. The tray on the toilet looks fantastic, I am always looking for something to put there! I’ll have to check out Homegoods for the washcloths. Love the floor, too! Grear job, Jen!


  35. Jennifer, The bathroom turned out very nice. I like the colors. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  36. Wow, what an awesome change! The room looks bigger and more restful and fresh. Beautiful!

  37. It’s beautiful! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I know you love to walk by there now!

  38. Just like with all of your other decorating projects this one is also AMAZING. I love the cabinet that you found at the Salvation Army. I also love using drapery panels for shower curtains and they are usually cheaper too! Another great job Jen! Take care sweetie.

  39. Worth the wait… it turned out BEAUTIFUL:))
    Hope you are having a great day;)

  40. your bathroom looks fabulous!! It’s so bright,and cheerful.I love the cabinet you found,and the hooks are adorable. I love the color.


  41. That is beautiful. I love colors, the knobs, the wood and the canvas. You created a wonderful timeless look. Great job.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Good job pulling everything together from such a variety or sources. I wonder if you could find nail polish the colour of the towel hooks to paint on the silver screws?

  43. oh my gosh jen. it’s absolutely gorgeous. i love it. i just splurged on some anthro towels for my bathroom too. they are so pretty.

  44. What a beautiful, refreshing change!

  45. Really pretty!

  46. I honestly can’t believe this is the same room. It’s soooo pretty!

  47. What a beautiful makeover! Love the color palette…the floor reminds me of the ones we had growing up!!

  48. Oh my goodness, your bathroom looks beautiful! The board and batten caught my eye right away :)

  49. Lovely bathroom !

  50. I am new to your blog. You did a wonderful job on your bathroom. Lovely!

  51. Such a gorgeous bathroom makeover!! When you did the floors, did you keep the tub and vanity in place?

  52. Oh my word, that is just gorgeous!
    Better get ready for another magazine spread, Miss Thang! :-)


  53. Some very cute and clever ideas! It always feels great to finish a project.

  54. Looks great! LOVE that hand towel…I must have one!

  55. I love how it all turned out, and the blue is the perfect bathroom accent color. I love the towel hooks, so much easier for kids to hang towels on than a bar, I’m pinning it now.


  56. Beautiful transformation!

  57. I love the floor! The hooks from Anthro are a great touch. I’d love it if you’d share this at my weekly link party on Wednesdays at I’m a new follower.

  58. What a transformation! I really love the vintage feel of the floor! you must be delighted its finished!


  59. What a great bathroom! I love those hooks!

  60. This looks terrific! I love the new look and the way you styled the bathroom. I am a new Illinois (Glen Ellyn) blogger and your newest follower!

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  62. Beautiful redo!!!! It looks fantastic and I love all the details!!!

  63. Wow I love how your bathroom turned out! We’ve been thinking of redoing our bathroom for a while and you’ve given me some great inspiration. I’d love it if you’d stop by my blog to check out the giveaway I’m having for a Ramsign Home Sign!

  64. Love, love, love this bathroom! What a transformation! All of the details and accents are perfect. From the hand towel to the soap dispenser. Great job!

  65. Love this bathroom makeover. Color and style I absolutely would have chosen myself. Check out my recent Master Bedroom Reveal when you get a chance. Cheers, MGal

  66. Looks so good Jen!!! love every little detail, and all the different blues match so perfectly together! Once work is done, I am going to spiff up the kids bathroom with some new paint! Love the color you chose for the walls!
    xoxo, miss you! t

  67. OH wow, Jen! It’s gorgeous! Your attention to detail and your talent for decorating/styling shines through. Beautiful job! I’m going to include a link back in this week’s highlights! ;) You’re such an inspiration!

  68. Ah! Ps. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  69. What a lovely bathroom. I love all the little touches – particularly the “Remember to was your hands” sign. Great job!

  70. Of course, I meant “wash” … Sigh….

  71. absolutely beautiful! I might have to copy some of this. It’s just great!

  72. I also love the idea of guests using the wash cloths to dry their hands. My question is what do they do with the cloths after they’ve used them? Do you have a container under the sink or next to the vanity that they can be dropped into? Thanks!

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  74. Very pretty. I like the calming blues.

  75. Found you via Thrifty Decor chick. LOVE this re-do! I really want to try board and batten somewhere in my home (maybe several places) and seeing this space just convinces me all the more!

  76. Jen,

    You bathroom makeover is just amazing! I’m really digging that bead board cabinet too … and the floor. And I’m crazy about anything board & batten!



  77. Gorgeous…I’m pinning!

  78. LOVE this bathroom! We have that exact bathroom vanity and our wall color is very similar!! I LOVE that floor! Congrats on your feature at TDC!!

  79. I love the redo. I want to find that picture. Congrats on being featured on TDC! Eva

  80. Great attention to detail – love the hand wash sign and the ombre hand towels!!

  81. Saw you on TDC. Your bathroom is gorgeous! It makes me want to redo mine! I love everything about it! Clever idea to use an Ikea curtain

  82. I love your bathroom and plan to use some of your ideas. Your washcloths in the pretty container are a nice idea for guests to dry their hands. Do you also have a container to throw them in after usage? My bathroom will be painted this weekend and I plan to copy your idea. I even featured you on my blog – Thanks for all your inspiration.

  83. Jen, your bathroom is beautiful! I love the Martha Stewart Dolphin color in here, and those Anthro hooks are to die for. I’d love to feature your bathroom on my paint color blog. You wouldn’t have to do a thing, just let me know if you’re interested!

  84. I do like the hand towel idea, they use it at my Chiropractor’s office. It is much more sanitary, and clean looking than paper towels, green too. Now when I get a new bathroom that actually has walls in the shower, and not garbage bags duct-taped up, when we build- I will have some ideas to run with. Thanks!

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