Bring on the Holidays!!…

The tree is going up today and the trimmings are being trimmed!!!
I am stuffed full to the gills and I wish I had kept at least one pair of my maternity pants on hand for occasions just like this!
Thanksgiving is over and the gloves are off!!! Andy Williams,Amy Grant and Martina McBride on!
Glitter on!
Sparkles on!
Are you ready for some Holiday cheer?
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I’ll be back Monday with the Holiday housewalk line-up! I can’t believe it’s only just over a week away!
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    I’m eager to get started this morning, too, Jen! Love your inspiration pictures. I’ve got so many saved to my Pinterest, I don’t know where to start! I think I will start with putting our main tree together and getting that done and out of the way. Hopefully, while I’m decorating it, all the ideas swirling around will settle down and come together.

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    so excited to see the holiday line-up! I decorated a few weeks ago, and am now onto wrapping and baking. LOVE this time of the year, and so look forward to seeing all my blogging friends homes decked out, too =)

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    Oh thank you for sharing the beautiful inspiration pictures! We are currently bundled up because of the wicked wind and cold grey day… half the family is still asleep due to late night Thanksgiving/early morning Black Friday activities. The poor fire fighters are hanging out just down the road and I am thinking of taking them some coffee after they gallantly fought a fire at the grain elevator just down the road from us… only the old structure was lost and no one was hurt but they will be manning it all day long due to the winds and the nature of grain elevator fires. I’ve always had a soft spot for them all the way back to high school/college when I dated a fireman (ok even before that… ha ha!)

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    Hi Jen…hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Spent the whole day decking my halls and had so much fun making it all so different from last year!
    Andy Williams, one of my faves at the holidays!

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    I’m all most done with the decorating, have a few more rooms wanted to get the outside done but it’s turned cold I hope to get it done by next weekend. Can’t wait to see what all you do this year I’m sure it will be as beautiful as it always is. Happy decorating…


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    Hi Jennifer! This is totally off topic but I searched your blog and couldn’t find another way to contact you so here I am. I’d like your thoughts on your decision to install a towel bar in front of your sink. Does it get in the way when you’re using the sink? I’m contemplating doing the same thing but thought I’d check with you before I took the plunge. Thanks. Robyn