The 24 Karat (from the yard) spray painted Thanksgiving arrangement…..

You have to love Metallic gold spray paint for it’s ability to make anything good. Especially some dried bits and pieces from my yard. That’s me and the holiday’s. If I can put metallic or put glitter on it, I am there!
 I had some Krylon gold and copper spray paint and wanted to do a little Thanksgiving arrangement. It was as easy as hunting around my yard for  dried flower stems. I leave a lot of my stems and flower heads alone all winter such as grasses,Black-Eyed Susan’s,Monarda and Hydrangeas not only for winter interest, but I love that the bird’s can still find food in the coldest and snowiest of January.
 I cut a bit of all of those things and out them on a box in the backyard. I spray painted some gold and some copper.
 Once they dried, I put them in a vase that I covered with an old sweater sleeve and a band of sparkly tape.
 I love how the same gold paint looks different on the grass heads and the Hydrangeas.The copper- colored Monarda heads are a pretty contrast.
 The Hydrangeas almost look fake. They looks so pretty painted gold (can I tell you how glad that I have spell check….So far I’ve spelled Hydrangeas wrong every time.).
 And I think the sweater sleeve dresses up the plain glass vase just enough.
It’s a perfect size mantel piece!You can visit these other blogs for more amazing Thanksgiving projects !
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*I was compensated for this project, but ideas and opinions, especially about the glitter and metallics are all my own. *

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    I can’t believe how nice it came out using dried stems. I just bought some from Micheals that are metallic and gold. It would of been so nice to make some using the real thing. I may have to go ahead and do that!

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    Simply beautiful! What a great way to give a flower arrangement a fresh new look. Gorgeous! I am definitely trying this out next year with my hydrangea clippings. Thank you for the inspiration! I never would have thought to spray paint dried flowers can’t wait to try it out.