Favorites of 2012….

Well, our celebration of Brown and grey food did not happen as planned. One of my family members had a last minute heart procedure Wednesday, and by the time I got home on Friday, we rolled right into the flu! Talk about rolled; it was like we were a set of bowling pins, all knocked down at once!!! We’ve been on quarantine since then. :) I made it out briefly to Christmas Eve service, and we felt a bit better on Christmas and thought we had weathered the worst and were past it. We went  to my Mother-in-Laws and then my Mom’s, but then on the 26th, a few of us had a fresh round of fever and chills.Even though we had to cancel everything we had planned, the positive side is that we have just spent a  lot of nice low key time together, hanging out and snuggling in a fever-induced haze. And I guess it was also a blessing we all had it at once so maybe by next week we can venture out to do some fun stuff before the kiddos have to go back to school.
Though I will say something that I know all of you mom’s will agree with. I am tired of taking care of sick people. Oh how I love them, but Momma needs a trip to Anthropologie or Homegoods on her own. :)
I wanted to share some of my
 favorite projects of 2012:
Starting my own bulbs
Adding a built-in bookcase to make my studio space

I had such a fun year  with you! You are my favorite thing too!!!Thank you for sticking with me and hanging out. Without you, I would not have a reason to be here!
I hope you have  a happy and blessed New Year and I can’t wait to show you all of the fun things I have planned. And yes, My Mom’s kitchen is FINALLY done. Boy talk about a renovation story. I’ll be sharing soon!
Love you all and Happy new year!!!!
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    I always love looking at pictures of your cute and cozy home. Sorry to hear you guys were all sick for Christmas. I totally agree you get “sick” of being sick!!!! Home Goods is a great cure for anything!!!! Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hopefully the heart procedure went well! All the best for the New Year and I hope everyone will stay healthy from now on. Thanks for writing your lovely posts with beautiful pictures, they’re a joy to read!

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    Two of my kids had the flu this week. We are thankful for tamiflu – it shortens the length, alot. I have your same dresser (from your bedroom) in my hall. I think it is identical. I have search my blog for the past 20 minutes to find a link to show you, but that piece has managed to avoid photographs. Here is the best I could find – out in the hall and blurry…. (4th photo far right) http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/annabelles.html and far right in this photo of buffet with cotton on top http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/in-progress-snapshots-of-christmas-decor.html

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    Love all your favorites, especially the bathroom reno! It sure is a nasty flu that is going around this year, we were all sick with it for Christmas, and are still trying to recover. It is hard being a mom that has to care for others, when she is sick and feeling awful herself. I hear ya on needing a retail therapy break! Hope you all feel better soon.

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    Feel Better girlfriend…and if you end up at Anthro in OB, call me…I’ll meet you there! I’d love to see you! I still LOVE your bathroom and those bulbs make me long for spring! Thanks for the reminder, I may try to find a few to force indoors this spring. xo, Kimberly

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    Jen you have made some amazing transformations and have shared so many cool projects! Looking forward to see what you share in the coming year! Hope you are all feeling better!

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    Jen, you’ve been very busy this year with some great projects that you’ve shared with us. We have been under the weather for a week now too, hope everyone is better! Can’t wait to see what you bring in 2013!

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    What a wonderful line-up of projects! I’m so grateful that I discovered you this year. Happy new year to one of my favorite bloggers!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

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    Oh my dear I am so sorry to hear about the unexpected heart procedure… are they doing much better? and the flu??? ick, I’m so sorry! We travelled out of state the day after I quit barking like a seal and you guessed it, two out of the three that went with us came down with it as well. Thankfully no fevers or stomach issues, just tiredness, coughs, runny noses, and congestion… and SNOW!! LOTS of SNOW!! Yippee!!
    Have a wonderful New Year!! Take care now and have a blessed remainder of your vacation! :)