Pom-pom apalooza….Pom-pom project round up…

Who does not love a good pom-pom?I know I do. I think they are going to be “hot” this spring…
 In fact, I think we need a pom-pom party to ring in the new year! Pom-poms are just so *happy*, and I think we need some happy this new year.
 Let’s have  linky party January 14th!Bring out the yarn and scissors…. it’s going to be pom-tastic!
(If you need a refresher on how to make a pom-pom you can see my how-to post here.)
As inspiration, here are some ideas from around the web that I just love!
Source: fashion156.com via Jen on Pinterest

What creative way can you come up with to use pom-poms?
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    Yay! I so love that pom-poms are all the rage right now. I remember them fondly form my childhood. I love the new ways they are being used on wreaaths and pillows and as garlands. I am looking forward to your Pom-Pom Party! Have a fantastic week!

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    Oh how fun! I love that gift wrap and the wreaths you made are sooo cute! I cant wait for your party and I may even join in :)
    Your blog is so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)
    Happy Holidays!

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    Ooh! Wow! I love pom pom and I’m realizing mini pom pom for Christmas decorations. I’m happy looking forward to your Pom-Pom Party!

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    They do bring back memories of my mom making them but can’t remember what for:) I’d love to do a wreath with Pom Poms, the project seems so do-able! I’ll post this on my sidebar so I don’t forget and to let other’s know about the Pom Pom Party!

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    I made pom poms and put on my packages for my nieces and my lab tore them off and I came in to find yarn all over my den floor and the cute little boxes crushed. I was sooo angry. My lab is 8!!!! I will have to rethink the pom pom thing. :)