With a heavy heart…

I know I normally write about much lighter topics, but I wanted to share my feelings with you tonight. I have a heavy heart thinking about all of those families at Sandy Hook elementary and in the community.It was such a senseless,tragic thing that happened and completely incomprehensible. I had felt incredibly sad about the entire situation until I read the list of published names and ages in the paper and then I cried and gave my own babies extra kisses. I cried for those children, for the families and for everything that was lost that day.
I prayed and read the Bible last night thinking of everyone involved and how broken open they must feel, how empty and lost.
I remember feeling like that the night my father died over 14 years ago, and then the night my sister in law passed away in 2002. It’s a hard, painful and numbing thing to go through.
The thing is,life will never be the same again, but there will be healing. It will just take time. I am praying for them and will continue with my whole heart. I know The Lord will be there to walk with them in every step of their darkness. I know he is with all of the victims now.
Emmanuel is with all of us. In those heavy and wounded moments He is there.
I had been reading bits and pieces, until I had come across Lucy’s post today from Craftberry Bush. She had mentioned verse 147:3-6 in Psalms. I was glad she lead me to it, It was what I needed to hear. And then I found a verse I had marked in Psalm 62 v8 during bible study.
-Trust in him at all times, O People;pour out your heart before him;God is a refuge for us-

I hope for all of you, as we all struggle to make sense of the crazy things that are happening,and there is A LOT of crazy stuff happening, you can find His Grace in your life and it can give you hope and not fear. He has counted every hair on our heads and knows each one of us by name. He sent His only son to save us through Grace. And even as my heart aches, I know Jesus is here and his heart aches too. My Grandma used to give me bookmarks with the Footprints poem on it that had a beach scene with seagulls flying around. I admit, as a teenager, I used to roll my eyes and wonder why she’d give me something so stupid.What was I going to do with that? If I only knew how much I needed them…..

A Lot.


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    Thank you for sharing this Jennifer. I am praying Isaiah 60:1 Amplified Bible, that the glory of the Lord will rise upon us and shine through us in this dark, dark world.

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    That was beautiful, all well said. I am in Canada and we too can’t imagine what the families and country must be feeling, our hearts go out to all.
    Hugs and Prayers

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    I just watched on tv while they showed pictures of all of the beautiful children who were senselessly taken. Heartbreaking and unbelievable and I so feel for the families who will be dealing with this for the rest of their lives.

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    Thank you Jen for such a heartfelt and lovely post. I hope your courage to share the Gospel of Jesus and that God is with us…especially through these dark times will help someone else today. Jesus is the light in a dark world and that is all we need to know.

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    Evil is irrational and Jesus is still on the Throne…even when things seem so out of control! Wonderful truths to cling to in your thoughtful post, Jen.
    Mary Alice

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    Beautifully written Jennifer. I join with you in prayer for these families during this very sad time. May God keep them in the palm of his hand and bring them peace that surpasses any understanding. Thank you for posting this.

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    After a tragedy like this, some will ask how a loving God could allow it.
    The thing is, He gave people free will, and we live in a fallen world.

    His heart aches even more than ours as He beholds tragedy each day.
    The hope that you shared is the only thing that can sustain us.

    Emmanuel, God with us,
    ~ Jesus, who is the Light of the world ~

    My heart aches with yours, and I pray for all those who are suffering because
    of this horrible event. Thank you for putting it into words.

    ~ Violet

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    Every time I hear the news, see a face or think of it, I just break down. I can’t imagine what any of the families are going thru, even the gunman’s family. I pray for healing and peace for all involved and wanted to tell you how perfectly said your blog post is!

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    I think you’ve expressed beautifully what we’re all feeling but finding the words hard to come. So much sadness for so many people whose lives will never be the same at holiday time. Broken hearts everywhere we look. But like you said, healing will come. May the God of peace give us all comfort. Thanks for your sweet words. Merry Christmas.