A bit of Sunniness…..

Yesterday it was 6 degrees. Yes 6 degrees. The funny thing it it makes today’s 10 degrees feel warm and we find ourselves saying thing like “Yesterday was 6 degrees, but today’s not so bad.”. I love the Midwest, but these are the times I do envy those of you in warmer climates just bit.
 I needed a visual pick me up and a mental warm up ’cause this is kind of how I feel today.

I am dreaming of spring and warmer times.

Source: tumblr.com via Jen on Pinterest

I hope you stay warm today!
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    Gorgeous pics, Jennifer…I feel warmer already! I’m in Chicago and I had to laugh about it being warmer today! I guess we have been lucky the past two winters but that doesn’t make it any less cold today. Keep warm!


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    I guess that makes me feel better about our whopping 24 degrees here in St. Louis. Beautiful pics, it always makes me feel better to jump to spring early in my home as I get the winter blahs too easily after Christmas. Thanks or the visual warm up! :)

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    It is much warmer here in Texas than you are experiencing. It is brown winter time, though…just seeing the green in those pictures makes my heart pound a little faster.

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    Down here in Indiana we have the same thing going on… oh and I found out where our snow is… my sister in law’s yard. Yep in her neck of the woods of NY they got 30 inches in just over 6 (yes SIX) hours yesterday. And to think they received 18 inches while we were in the December… Stay warm!
    (oh in your last picture…. do those bowls remind you of the ones that Chris Taylor, of Figgy & Grace, makes? they are truly wonderful!)

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    It’s freezing here in NJ too! It was 10 degrees when I got up. I have to tell you I LOVE that first picture. I have a golden and I know what characters they can be so I love to see them “dressed up”. Too cute!

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    Ahhhh, spring! It’s a magical time of year which seems a LONG time off when the temp outside is 11. Love your pretty photos.

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    Ha Ha Jen I love the pictures especially of the dogs in their hats. So cute. Made me smile. Ohhhh I am here in Chicago too and dream of a beautiful summer day!!! We got spoiled with the mild temps in December. This is Chicago so each day is different!!! It is funny how today does feel warmer at 10 than yesterdays 6 ha ha!!!! Have a warm day. Thanks for the pictures it warmed my heart.

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    Oh goodness, those dogs look so cute! It’s sooo cold here today. I saw that this weekend it’s supposed to be about thirty degrees. I can’t wait! That will probably feel like a heat wave. I love your collection of pretty, summertime photos…they make me want to move :)

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    Hmmmph…up here in Canada dreaming of being that warm! 😉 (-22 here today! and I even converted that to Farenheit for y’all!) I’m feeling very much like the lady in the pink hat…not too impressed…hurry up spring!

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    My son who lives in Chicago said the exact same thing this morning. I live in Dallas and we are so lucky to be in the 70’s yesterday and today. I’m from Kansas City but haven’t lived there for years and I just can’t take that cold anymore. Stay warm-I know spring is coming. I love the dogs :-)

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    Jen, you will be envious, but I was out in my flowerbeds this morning, pulling some weeds & tending them a bit….at a beautiful 60degrees here in Texas.
    By the way, I, too, LOVE the pic of the dogs! Let us know if they are your furry babies. Stay warm and cozy by your fire.

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    Jen… beautiful pictures! It is SO cold here in PA too. I am so ready for spring… dreaming of flowers. You have a beautiful blog and I am really enjoying looking through your projects you have been working on in your house. I especially LOVE your touches of yellow in your bedroom. So pretty…. and also love your paint color on the walls.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    xo Heather