It’s a pom-pom party!!!!!

Are you ready? Do you have your pom-pom projects fluffed and ready to go?
Don’t you just love a good pom-pom craft?
I’m excited to see them coming back in style. I’ve always loved pom-poms.They are so much fun to make, and I have such fond memories of them. I would make them all of the time as a kid. I had a pair on my favorite roller skates, you know, the kind you could shoot-the-duck on back when Chachi  and Ralph Macchio were so hawt. And they always make me think of my Dad. for some reason he always called pom-poms “dingle balls”. I don’t know if the name “pom-poms” was too hard to remember, or just not as funny as “dingleballs”. :)

I wanted to do some cute heart shaped pom-poms for Valentine’s day. After figuring out how to trim them, they were a snap. I made a pom-pom heart garland for the mirror in our sitting nook on a simple crocheted chain with some extra tasseled yarn.

Let’s see how you used your yarn!
Show us your dingle balls…I mean pom-pom projects (I guess it is funnier.)!
The rules are:
1.For this linky party it has to be  a pom-pom project. All other projects will be deleted. You can always come back and share your other creative things on Fabulously Creative Friday.
2. You have to have a back link to my blog with the button (above) in your post. This way we can share the linky love and everyone can enjoy all of the pom pom projects!
3. You have to link to your exact post, not your general blog. If it’s a general blog link I unfortunately  have to delete it.
Pom-poms away!!!

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    Love your heart shaped pom-poms. They are so pretty! Perfect for Valentines Day. I have linked up my Winter Mantel with Pom-Pom Wreath and look forward to seeing other pom-pom ideas. Thanks for hosting this fun party!

  2. 2


    Heart shaped!!! That is so darn creative! I’m sort of addicted with making pom poms, but have stuck to the plain old round kind so far. Now you’re opening up a whole new world of pom poms to me. Thanks for hosting the party!

  3. 5


    Oh I hope you are going to share a tutorial on heart shaped poms! Love it!

    I linked up a wreath that I did awhile back but thought you’d love it as it includes an image of roller skates complete with dingleballs. (Your dad was not alone. :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. 9


    What a fun dingleball party – wow- that is fun to say! Glad to see dingleballs are back in style – wish I still had my giant blue dingleballs with bells on them on my old roller skates!

  5. 12


    The heart pom poms are too adorable! Thanks for hosting and for putting a fun twist on the whole pom pom thing! Oh and your Dad’s “dingle balls” made me smile this morning!!!

  6. 15


    Love your heart shaped pom poms. So pretty on your mirror. There are lots of fun linky parties out there but this one I was most excited about! I had so much fun making projects with pom poms – thank you Jennifer!

  7. 19


    just went through all the links- so many awesome pom pom projects! i have a craft party at my house on feb 2, and we are making valentine’s banners… i wasn’t sure what i would make this year, but i think i am going to use your heart pom pom idea- love it!

  8. 20


    Cute cute! You trimmed them perfectly to look like hearts. Not sure I could have done half as well. But I may just have to try. I’ve become obsessed with pompoms!

  9. 21


    Hello there! I found this post via Pinterest today – congratulations! I clicked through, and hope that you’ll be able to do a tutorial for this. I’m not sure I’d know where to trim to make these hearts, but my five year old daughter, sitting next to me, wants us to make them for our window. Thanks!

  10. 26


    Dear Jennefer I’m so happy to join and share my pom pom heart in your beautiful blog and with so many creative girls. For me too the pom pom are a significant sweet remember of my child age!!