Looking back at days of murals gone by…

I had a former client call me the other day and ask if I still did murals. In the beginning of my blogging career; that’s what I was still doing; Murals and furniture painting. For those of you that saw my earlier post about my blog headers, that was why it was called Sanctuary Art. It was the name of my mural/painting business. Great name for a mural business, sucky name for a blog. It was a good decision when I finally went with my own name.

Back then I was have-paint-brush-will-travel.

 Even though I loved doing the painting part, I did NOT love the schlepping. Ladders, paint cans,tarps etc. And, standing on my feet looking up for 10 hours straight. Ach, my achin’neck. I know she knows what I am talking about.
 There was always one job where I would spill paint on carpet and then panic and sweat for a while until it came out. Or I would forget something I needed and I had to think on my feet. I developed a talent for color mixing by sight because so many times I would run out of a certain color, or I didn’t have it and I would have to punt.
 It was such a great experience along the path to having other businesses,it really taught me a lot. And it helped me find what I liked. I love painting nature.
And as most of you know; I have a thing for birds. :)
 I learned how to handle all kinds of artistic requests. You never knew when you needed a hulk busting through your wall.
 I also really liked the design process a lot. It made me so happy when clients were thrilled with the end result. Sometimes though it could also be difficult, especially when you were trying to work with not only a client, but a client and a designer and you want to make everyone happy.
 While a part of me felt sad having to tell her I no longer did paint murals, and rarely furniture for clients, another part of me was so glad that I have moved on.
 It’s funny how something you think is so important and so forever at the time,ends up just being a stepping stone to get you somewhere else. When it ends it’s not failure, it’s just experience.
All of these jobs were a great experience. I always wonder what else I will look back at and think the same thing.
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    I love that line- “When it ends it’s not failure, it’s just experience”. I think sometimes it’s hard to see it that way- thanks for the reminder!

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    Jen you are an amazing artist!But you have to do what you enjoy.And sometimes being an artist you don’t want to do the same thing over and over.It is good to get out and try new things and keep those creative juices flowing!

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    Wow! I’m impressed. You did a wonderful job. Never say never…someone may just ask you to do paint something you love again. I think you are very talented.