Looking for My Sweet Savannah…..?

If you are looking for my sweet friend, Melaine, from My Sweet Savannah, she is over here now.
Please change your blog rolls for her and update everything accordingly!
Due to an e-mail hack, she can no longer access her blog and has had to start over. I know how that feels I went through it a few years ago myself and it is devastating.
What are a few things you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you?
-It bears repeating to always back up your blog. You can find instructions here.
-If you are on Google, turn on two-step verification so a text message code sent to your phone if your account is accessed from any other computer  than you own.
-Do not use the e-mail you sign into your blog account with as your main contact e-mail. Have a separate one for the public. 
-Preview your e-mails before opening them if possible.
-If you have gmail, get rid of it and get a private e-mail.
Because believe me. They are out there looking to get you. It’s amazing to me the amount of e-mail spam and blog spam I get daily.
Please stop over and say hi to Melaine and give her  a show of support!!!!!
If you are reading this post at any other sites or blogs besides Jenniferrizzo.com, your rss feed,e-mail or in your reader this is stolen content.

*This was posted Via Jennifer Rizzo. com


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    I have a gmail account.I want to get rid of it but I don’t want to lose my list blog roll.Is there a way to carry it over or do I have to go through all of them?I just shared her blog on facebook too.Thanks for sharing the info I too had my site hacked one time it is pretty scary.One minute it is there the next it is gone!

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    That is so terrile what happeend to Melanie’s blog! I had no idea such things could happen! Thank you for shring how we can protect our blogs. They are such an investment of time and energy as well as a wonderful way to connect to others.

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    same thing happened to me, but I didn’t know how to back up my blog…..so I started from square one !!!!!!!!! don’t people have anything better to do ?? ugh !!