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You can call me a slacker, it’s okay. Thursday crept up on me so fast that I barely had time to throw up the linky party, get lunches packed and shoo those kids into bed. 
I don’t know why, but for some reason every night , it’s like some big surpass that all of a sudden “it’s bedtime!” Like we don’t do it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. or something. The crying and whining that involve doing homework, packing lunches, and the sheer ,traumatic, physical task or brushing and flossing their teeth is incredible. Some nights it even includes body writhing and wailing. It’s almost impressive. I don’t really drink too often, but these are the days I sometimes think I need to make it a bit more often, or I should have started earlier.
I feel bad that I missed those features, because there were some pretty awesome things from last week. So, I though I would pop it in here today…
Less than perfect life bliss had this awesome Valentine Decor.
City Farmhouse had this amazing LOVE sign she painted with ASCP.
 Just look at this little guy and his cute bow tie from Jojo and Eloise!!!! I just want to grab him and give him a big squeeze. I bet he never throws his body on the floor in a fit of rage because I’ve said the magic word…. “pajamas”.
 And I just love a good bunting, don’t you? Life in my empty nest made this sweet one with buttons.
 Grab a button if you were featured!
Happy weekend!!!
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    Great features!Oh yes we are always busy at night with dinner,lunches and cleaning up after dinner.I don’t really get to sit down and relax until 8:00.

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    You really made me smile bringing back all those memories of bedtime with the kids! I think it’s a conspiracy among our kids to see how far they can push us. :-))
    Mary Alice

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    OH I would love to say it gets better as they get older but we are suddenly having the same issue with our youngest two… i mean hello… every night you take a shower due to allergies or sports practice… umm for like the past 12 years or so. Why should it suddenly dawn on them at 10 at night that they need to take showers… when they’ve been home from practice for several hours. and how is it that they “suddenly” remember an assignment due tomorrow. Didn’t we have that discussion as soon as they got home from school/practice? Gone are the days of peace and quiet… now its easily 10:00 or later before things quiet down. umm yeah! But its not always like this!!! :) Have a a wonderful weekend!!

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    I can totally relate. My youngest is 5 and every night of his life he is Shocked! Dismayed! Traumatized! Wailing! that his day has come to an end and it’s time to get ready for bed. Every. Single. Night. That being said…

    Wonderful features! The bow-tie model is just too darn cute!

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life