Make a faux terrarium out of a thrift store clock case….

Day 3!!! Are you feeling inspired for Spring? I am so happy to bring a bit of spring indoors because we are getting blizzarded on like crazy!
 I had a few more butterflies left and a dome clock I found at Goodwill a while ago so I hunted my yard for a stick and tackled a project I’ve been thinking about for a while.
 I wanted to show you how to turn one of these
 into one of these:
I see these all of the time at the thrift stores and they are so cheap. So much cheaper than a regular cloche. In fact, his is how much I paid for this one.
I removed the glass from the top. The clock was attached to the base, so I ended up staining a round  craft base to use instead. 
 I hot glued moss right to the base.
 I couldn’t find a stick that was exactly right, so I glued a bunch together to get the shape I wanted and glued that to the base as well.
 Then I started to hit glue on all of the little embellishments and bits and pieces, like different kinds of moss and grapevine pieces. And because my kids are the way they are, we happened to have a few random rocks floating around in drawers that I could add.
 Once I had everything glued on the way I wanted it, I added a little French word card and put the dome back on.
 I love how it looks.
 It brings in just that right touch of spring!!!
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  1. That is a great idea for those clock cases! Love it.

  2. Hey I had one of those anniversary clocks and it stopped working.
    When we moved and I purged it went to GW who knew I could make it into something!

  3. I love it, Jen! It looks great! Love how you used the stick to bring the height up inside the dome. I see these quite a bit, too. More at the local antique mart than the thrift store. When I find one priced right, I pick it up.

  4. So pretty Jennifer!

  5. I’ll be scouring the thrift stores for an ugly clock now!! This is gorgeous – love the french card – the perfect finishing touch!

  6. What a great idea, I think I actually have one of these in my basement. It turned out so beautiful!

  7. Jennifer, that is so beautiful! You make it look easy =)

  8. This is such a clever idea!

  9. Oh Jennifer, this looks wonderful!! Love the butterflies!! You and I are thinking along the same lines, but my project is 1/12th the size!!. Please go take a look and see my post yesterday. I have been using the dome end of test tubes to make tiny nature inspired cloches!!. I haven’t seen one of the anniversary clocks for a while at the thrift store but will have to keep an eye out for one to make in full size. Now, I need to find some butter fly images to scale down for my tiny ones…..ha. Please ignore the pics of me, I just wasn’t stylin’ yesterday for sure ;).

  10. Very cute Jennifer :) My kids are like yours I’d say – the other day I went in my girls room and there was a little pile of rocks all neatly arranged as a tiny campfire for the lego ppl! Sigh.

  11. This is so beautiful! I cannot believe you did this with a $3.99 Goodwill find!

  12. What a fantastic idea ~ so cute!!

  13. This is crazy…I just swiped this same kind of clock from my mom’s house to do the very same thing! Turned out beautifully!

  14. I love this idea!!

  15. Crap! This is a great idea! In fact your whole week of stuff is great. Really like the eggs.

  16. Love it! The arrangement is perfectly proportioned and the addition of the French vocabulary card is great!

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