Make your own moss-filled topiary containers….

I love moss filled planters.In fact, I just love moss. In fact I noticed that I mention it a lot. There is just something about it. But I have noticed that they are a bit pricey,
I am starting to miss the green outside and thought I would make my own!

Use these supplies to make a  simple moss topiary

Make her own! (With a coupon) At the good old Hob Lob I found a product called Supermoss..
Whe-hew! Supermoss to save the day. The package did mention though not to let it touch fabric.I am assuming it’s a tad bit dyed and the green might transfer.

Make a moss topiary

And a foam ball that just fit on the top of my 40% off coupon-ed urn.

Use hot glue and a foam ball to make a moss topiary

A little hot glue..

How to make your own moss topiary, it's super easy!

So for just under $10…I got me some moss ball!

*this post is from 2009, but I thought you would love it all over again!

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  1. What a great project! Love this look too! So pretty adding a bit of green.

  2. Thanks for sharing it again, Jen! I didn’t see it the first time around. Such a great idea and I like that you didn’t have to cover the whole ball. More moss to do another one then! : )

  3. I wasn’t reading blogs in 2009, so this is perfect. I was looking for something for my mantel and I think this is it :-)

  4. great project! I’ve looked at the moss at Joann’s the past few times I’ve been there but haven’t bought any yet because I’m afraid I will not get anything made and it will just get added to my ‘stash’!

  5. Love it and on my project list for this spring. Thanks for making it look so easy!


  6. Hmmm.. moss covered balls were on my get for spring list. Yes, they are a bit pricey.. now I will make my own. Thanks!
    Cheers, Gee

  7. Awesome! I gotta get me a moss ball :)

  8. As a fan of MASH and The Andy Griffith Show, I love me a good re-run. And, this one is perfect for Easter, Spring and St. Pats!

    Pinned :)
    ~ Dana

  9. I was just thinking about making some topiaries and I think this styrofoam ball, moss, and glue gun idea is just what I need!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    :) Linda

  10. Love moss too. It’s perfect and I will be making myself a few!

  11. super cute, i share your love of moss! susan

  12. Love it!! Love the pretty vignette too!

  13. I am planning to post about moss very soon too. I love it also, such a needed spot of bright green – though I live in the Pacific NW so I am surrounded by moss, and it’s hard to stomach actually ‘buying’ it :) I love your idea, I think I will try something similar to that soon.


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