Midwest meet-up and Magnolia Pearl…..

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good day. We had 10 inches of snow yesterday and a snow day, and then a sewer back up, so it’s craziness as usual around here.But that’s real life isn’t it? Just rolling with the punches…..
There is still time to enter the $250 Pottery Barn give away with your spring project. It’s an awesome linky party. There are so many great inspirations and ideas.

The Midwest meet-up is quickly appraoching. I wanted to let you know we are capped at space for 25. There are a still spots left, but it is getting close.Also, if you want to donate or add something to the swag bags (You don’t have to be attending.) I need it by March 12th. Drop me a note at hellojenniferrizzo at comcast daught net for more information. Also, if you are coming in from out of town; everyone is staying at the Courtyard In Naperville.
And my good friend, Anne, did this amazing photo shoot of Magnolia Pearl’s ranch in Texas.

Anne is also having a giveaway on her blog valued at $700-$1000.

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    OH how exciting! Did you get my payment? (it would be from wittersgarden) I can’t access our Paypal account right now… ugh.

    Sewer back up? I am so very sorry!! WE got snow TOO!! This is the most we have had all winter and it is so pretty! And the links for the party are so cool! Now to grab my camera because we finally have a bit of sunshine!! Yippee!!!

    Have a great day!! Take care now!!

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    Hey Jen I did send you a payment but on my paypal account is says that you did not accept it yet.