How Thistlewood Farms began..KariAnne’s story…..

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weather weekend like we did. It gave us a great opportunity to clean out of garage so we could move everything that we were able to save in the flood from our first floor out there.We were cozy before, but we were even “cozier” with all of our stuff jammed around us.We at least have a little breathing room now. 
Before I introduce someone who is very special to me; I want to tell you I am finally going to be teaching a Santos doll class! I’ll have all of the details on Wednesday!
KariAnne is a friend of mine from way back when. I am so honored to have her guest posting for me today. I love everything she does and I think she is just so amazingly creative and witty,if you don’t know her already; you are going to love her! I hope you love her  inspirational story and her beautiful home.
Hello Jen Rizzo readers! My name is KariAnne and I am so happy to meet you! I adore Jen and I’m the official president of her fan club! I write a little blog called Thistlewood Farms and I wanted to share the story of how Thistlewood Farms began and a little bit about our story! I hope you enjoy!
Thistlewood Farm is so much more than the story of a farmhouse. It’s about family and tortoises and burlap and shutters and twirly whirly skirts and pancakes and Lee Press-On-Nails and little pieces of paper.   This is the story of our dream.   You see….we lived in the hustle bustle world of a big city with all the lights and fanfare that a big city has to offer. There were restaurants and shops and movies and plays and museums and malls and lots and lots and lots of stuff. And everywhere you looked, there were people pushing and shoving and climbing to the top, arms overflowing with all their stuff. And my husband was on the fast-track in a tall skyscraper in the middle of that very very big city with all of its fast-paced allure and overwhelming responsibilities. And although we were happy with our four children in our hustle bustle house with our hustle bustle lifestyle….we were so busy. Maybe too busy. Too busy for each other. Too busy for our family.
But amidst all of that busy….was a dream. A dream of a place where life was simpler. A place where our children could run and breathe and grow without all of the constraints of an overwhelmingly fast-paced lifestyle. A place where the all of the busy and the hustle and bustle and the noise and the clamor could end in a screeching stand-still.   A place where you could see the stars.  
  But the merry-go-round was spinning faster and faster. Life was becoming one giant blur, sailing by at lightning fast speed. And we felt like we spent all of our time and energy just trying to keep up. Then one day in church, the pastor preached a sermon entitled, “Just Jump.” He spoke of listening to your heart and the Lord and if you felt like there was an insurmountable dream….you shouldn’t be afraid….you should jump. And we heard his words and they spoke to the very center of our hearts. And we wanted to jump as far and as fast as we could.
But we were afraid. We were so scared. We couldn’t just jump off the merry-go-round. Or could we?   The doubts were swirling around and around in our heads. But there it was…..a still small voice saying….. …..“jump.” Not “jump” in all caps, but “jump” in tiny, small, timid, little letters.   And so we did…… …..jump, that is.   We jumped from the hustle and bustle and busy to a still, quiet, beautiful countryside with acres and acres of land to run and play and…. …..breathe.  
  It has been five years since that first jump and our family continues to grow and thrive. The move has had its challenges and blessings. Sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle. I miss the convenience of a drive-thru diet coke. And sometimes it’s a little hard when everyone knows your name (and all your business). Truthfully, sometimes I miss the busy. And then I walk outside on a crisp, clear, April night….take a deep breath…. …..and I see the stars.
For more random Thistlebits: Our love story: Love and Lee Press On Nails Where it all started: A Pancake Love Story Look what I found on the mantel: Crunch Goes The Mantel   And my favorite post I have ever written: Twirly Whirly Skirt Thanks Jen! It’s been so fun visiting!
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    Happy Monday Jennifer. Glad to see things are returning to normal for you and yours. I cannot begin to imagine….
    Thanks for featuring KariAnne. Agreed… luv her home ans style.
    Have a wonderful day ladies.
    Hugs, Gee

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    KA / Thistlewood Farms is one of the very best blog writers out there and I can definitely see how happy you were to have her as a guest, Jen.

    I am so sorry about your flooding, sure hope it all passes for you soon, what a tragedy. I am sending you good thoughts and vibes!

    Have a wonderful week if you are able to do so!


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    Jen, I’m so glad things are improving for you and your family! KariAnne, I really enjoyed the post and your beautiful home!

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    So glad things are looking up for you and that things are getting closer to normal once again. I love your blog and KariAnne’s, as well! Have a blessed week, Jen!

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    Love Karianne it was such an honor to meet her.When you read her blog she is just like that and I LOVE that!Our last meet up was so fun can’t wait to see you all again.I enjoyed hearing how Karianne just jumped with faith!

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    OH Jen, I had no idea you and Karianne went back that many years! Well, you are correct! She is just the sweetest thing around and I am so very, very glad that I decided to take the time to drive up for the meet up because you know what? I met some of the sweetest ladies who have enriched my life more than they can ever know. And yes, my dear that does include you as well!

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    Every story of bravery inspires me a little more. I love reading about Karianne’s bravery in “jumping” and I know that you’ll need a bunch of it yourself as you face the clean up ahead of you. Thanks for sharing your story and hers.

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    Kari Ann, you are uber talented. Whether you’re amidst the hustle and bustle or looking at the stars on a clear night in your backyard. You bring energy to our blogging community. And a bright shining star for us to enjoy.

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    Jen, Karianne is one of the first bloggers that made me feel that “I” had something to contribute to this blogging world. I have not been blessed enough to meet her in person but have talked to her and she is truly one of a kind! Thank you for spotlighting her and may I say, you, as well, have been one I have watched for quite awhile before I ever entered the “blog world”. You are in my thoughts as you go through your hardship with the flooding. I hope you have a wonderful day.~~Angela