Sunday morning candy bacon and a giveaway….

I cook almost every day
Our oven gets pretty trashed.
Don’t ask me if I clean my oven a lot, because if I said yes, that would be a total lie. 
One of the things that we cook together the most also happens to be the messiest. It’s what we refer to as Sunday morning candy bacon.
It’s like no bacon you’ve ever had.
How can you not love bacon and dark brown sugar tossed in a zip top plastic bag and cooked together at 400 degrees until it’s all crispy and fatty and salty and sweet? It’s as easy as that. 
My kids love taking turns shaking the bag around and making sure as much goodness as possible is coating the bacon. After it’s coated enough to put your family in an after-church sugar coma; put it on a baking sheet  in single strips covered in aluminum foil. You do not want to sacrifice one of your good pans for this. Clean-up is so much easier too if you can just toss the foil when it’s all done. Start it in a cold oven; It can cook anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your oven.
You have to watch it carefully to make sure it doesn’t burn, it will go quick with the sugar on it and you could start a fire if you forgot about it, and when you take it off the pan and put it on a plate to cool with tongs, you have to be super careful because hot sugar and grease is a bad burn! But Oh man, once it cools, do we love it on a Sunday morning!
The thing I don’t love is the spluttery sugary mess that is really hard to get off the door and inside of my oven. But they are so worth it; I have a feeling it would be much easier to clean up with 
LG’s EasyClean™ Double Oven Range .

The EasyClean™:  Cleans Oven in Minutes, Not Hours. Not enough time to clean your oven? No worries. LG brings you the new generation of oven cleaning with EasyClean™. All LG double oven ranges provide a quick and convenient way to clean your oven, while still being able to use the conventional self-clean method. EasyClean works in three simple steps. Spray the oven interior with water, press the EasyClean button, then in just 20 minutes, wipe away any residual bits of grime*.
No chemicals or high heat needed to keep your oven sparkling clean. Which I love being the crunchy organic, bacon eating woman I am. No chemicals, no cleaners.  To learn more about LG EasyClean click here.
it would be nice to be able to make it and not worry about how I am going to clean it afterwards.
What is your favorite recipe that leaves your oven messy? Let me know in the comments for your chance to win your own LG EasyClean™ Double Oven Range!

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  1. 1


    I NEED this so BAD,my oven is a mess,it is self cleaning however never gets all the spills burned on
    I think my worst spill over was blackberry cobbler

    I love to cook bacon in my oven, so glad I found this idea


  2. 2


    Haha my husband makes candied bacon all the time. He even makes extra and brings some to his mother, who is now a huge fan too.

    I like my bacon salty, so there’s more for him, haha.

    He would love this post of yours, thinks it is the best thing in the entire world. He loves bacon so much our nephew and nieces gave him a whole bunch of bacon for Christmas. I swear. Was hilarious, yet perfect.

  3. 3


    I would love this range… all the ability to cook, bake, broil and grill in one awesome package! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  4. 5


    I absolutely love LG appliances. We live in our kitchen and all 3 of my kids, husband and myself love to cook and experiment! This oven we be a fantastic addition to our home.

  5. 10


    Wow, I would say usually my chicken pot pie bubbles over and ues, fruit pies. A fabulous self cleaning range would be fabulous.

  6. 11


    Cooking bacon in the oven? Genious! Candy bacon? My 13 year old son is dying over it!

    I am a nazi about putting a pan under things so I don’t have to deal with it. It took one spill over and that’s all!

  7. 12


    I just burned bacon the other day and it has been smoking ever since. I have a 2 year old and no time to clean it so i NEED THIS!! beatrizbry2 at aol dot com

  8. 13


    Lord. have. mercy. I don’t know if I am going to love you for sharing this recipe, or rue the day I saw it. e shall see;>)
    Thanks for the giveaway, who couldn’t use a double oven range?

  9. 14


    My favorite messy entree? Probably roast chicken, they always seem to spatter up the oven but I love a good herb rubbed broiler sizzling away inside.

  10. 19


    ummm apple pie is probably the worst thing EV-AR to get cleaned up out of my oven…. but winning this amazing oven that you have now enlightened us all about (and made us covet-haha) would be a dream come true!!!
    xo, beth

  11. 21


    Bacon, bacon wrapped filets and any other steaks, all make a mess in my oven. In fact my old oven is just a mess any way. I NEED a new over so badly!!!! Many thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 23


    Very exciting giveaway! I would say cooking steak with bacon wrapped around because I have to place ’em on the rack and let it drip. DRIP IT DOES INDEED!

  13. 31


    It never fails that my berry or peach cobblers always overflow and drip down the sides of the baking dish, making the worst sticky messes in my oven.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  14. 41


    I tend to overfill my cake pans so I can level them to get a perfect two inch layer, but sometimes they run over into the oven.

  15. 42


    When I make my pumpkin bread, even if I skimp on the ingredients, it always explodes or overflows in the oven! Stinky, stinky oven.

  16. 52


    The recipe that leaves my oven messy is my enchiladas! I stuff the baking dishes full and use lots of cheese and sauce which, even if I cover them, tends to bubble and slosh over the edge when I pull them out :)

  17. 74


    OMGoodness! I want that candy bacon! I’ve just been messing up my oven making chicken pot pies, what a waste of oven cleaning effort! (Now, if I had that stove…)

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. 91


    Oh my…these candied bacon sounds like a must try for me. :) My favorite recipe that leaves my oven messy is the meatball pasta bake. My kids love extra sauce and cheese on, it’s so easy to over flow while it bakes.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  19. 109


    Since I’m realtively new to the baking scene, I haven’t had much in the way of mishaps, but I can tell you that making ice cream cupcakes can get really messy when they tip over!

  20. 113


    Oh my gosh!, candied bacon?! I have never heard of such but I am going to try it for sure! One of my favorite messy recipes is mostaccioli!

  21. 123


    Cherry pie always seems to bubble over and make a mess, but I’m going to make it this week anyway.