Cheater chocolate dessert…anything in a pretty teacup looks good….

When I did the Mother’s Day tea party spread for the e-magazine, I wanted to do  an easy “cheater” dessert. I think it’s funny how much work I had to do for the shoot when my own poor mother was lucky she got some hot dogs on the grill for Mother’s Day. :)
 This easy dessert was a coffee pudding parfait. I call it a cheater dessert because almost everything is pre-made.
The secret is to put a shortbread cookie on the bottom for a base and let the pudding sit on the cookie overnight to soften it. Cover it will plastic wrap in the fridge and then put the rest of it together the next day.
 By adding 1 TBSP of brewed espresso to the entire 16 oz. container of pre-made chocolate pudding beforehand gives it a nice coffee flavor. The cookie in the bottom soaks up any extra liquid. If you don’t like coffee, you can leave it out.
It looks pretty with a mix of vintage and new table wear.
 It gets even yummier by adding some whipped cream before serving and shaving some chocolate over the top.
I stuck a little coffee-flavored cookie in the side, but isn’t it funny how anything in a pretty Anthro tea cup looks good enough to eat?
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  1. That looks so beautiful, and elegant!


  2. So pretty Jen. It looks so yummy too.

  3. Have you ever tried the instant chocolate Mousse mix. It’s my go to when I don’t have time to make a dessert and want to bring something that looks special. I have vintage champagne glasses throw a few raspberries and your set. Love the teacup idea!

  4. Yum Jennifer! The easiest recipes are always the tastiest! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh. MY! Those are absolutely the most beautiful photos I have seen! Perfect and perfect subject too. So lovely, thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, that looks delish! Thanks for sharing, Patti

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