Welcome to the 2013 Holiday Housewalk!!!!!! Day 1…

Are you ready to Deck the Halls at the 3rd annual Holiday house walk?!!!!!!Did you know we are now the longest and oldest running virtual holiday house walk on the web? How exciting is that?!

We are so excited to have you here! It’s a full week of amazing homes and beautiful Holiday decorating!!!

Grab your hot cocoa, gingerbread cookies, or even your coffee and Bailey’s (no judgement here! :) ) and put your feet up and get ready to walk!

day 1 Jennifer Rizzo holiday housewalk button

Today we’ll start with my home and then move onto The Inspired Room,Thistlewood Farm,Jeanne Oliver, our Surprise house and Then The Handmade Home!!!

Are you ready?

Jennifer Rizzo holiday housewalk over 30 homes!!!Welcome to my home! I am so glad you are here!

Jennifer Rizzo's holiday home tour with her vintage modern style

Come into my dining area first!

Jennifer Rizzo dining room

I love using natural items when I decorate! Lots of greenery!

Jennifer rizzo holiday dining areaI made the tablecloth from a plain one from Homegoods. It was super-easy with some sequin fabric.

Jennifer rizzo faux fireplaceI put my hand painted pillow on a comfy chair. This is normally where I have my morning coffee, so a comfy chair is a good way to start the day.

Jennifer Rizzo dear head with boxwood wreath and handmade bannerI added a boxwood wreath to a fun stag head I found.

Jennifer rizzo mantelI found these other deer heads earlier in the year and I love them! I am going to try to use them all year.

Dear head vases on mantelI hung some little ornaments from branches in my yard. They are “shatter-proof”. I love how they re-label plastic as shatter-proof. Brilliant marketing.

Jennifer Rizzo yarn faux fireI had a little fun with some yarn and glue for my fireplace insert.

Yarn fireplace insertI’ll show you how to make this next week!

chandelier with ornamentsYou might recognize this chandy. It’s from the Oak house. IS that bad?I loved it so much, I swapped it out with another one. :)

Wood bowl, greens and brich candlesI just used some things on hand for a center piece. I love the greens and the sparkly ornaments.The  wood bowl was a Homegoods find.

Natural and sparly centerpeiceAnd I am really into silver jingle bells this year. They add a nice little touch of silver. Hob lobs had tubes of them for about $3.

Make a cute place card with the plate itself! Use a paint pen on the glass to make an arrow on the underside and use a circular piece of paper between the plates with name son them, Turn it to the person who is sitting there!I used a glass plate to make a place setting and place card all at once!

Boxwood wreath and upholstery ribbon ribbonI love a bit of on-hand upholstery ribbon for easy decor! I love boxwood at the holidays, I was so happy to find them!

Jennifer Rizzo homeLet’s go into the living room!

Jennifer Rizzo treeWe decorate our tree with vintage Shiny-brite ornaments that were my aunties and gram’s. and handmade ornaments from the kids.

The kids were excited to help decorate this year for the housewalk too!

Jennifer Rizzo livingroomThe kids loved getting out the snow houses.

Jennifer rizzo snow houses

I bet ya You didn’t know that hand-made clay ninja turtles lived in snow houses did ya? See you learned something new today.

Jennifer Rizzo living room viewHere’s the view back from the living room to dining area. I hung a bit of greenery and “shatterproof” ornaments to brighten up the pass-through.

Let’s head into the kitchen!

Jennifer Rizzo kitchenI love red in the kitchen for the holidays! The nice thing about a white palette is it’s like a blank canvas and makes colors pop.

Jennifer rizzo christmas kitchenI found the oranges and pomegranates and thought they were lovely.

pipe cleaner starsThe kids and I sat down and watched Elf and made pipe cleaner stars.

“Hi my name is Buddy,what’s your favorite color?”

Is it bad I made them answer the phone like that all day Tuesday?

pipe cleaner stars on hutchI love a touch of blue and green with the ornaments.

ornaments in cookie jar

I dressed up the kitchen sink area a little bit.I kept it  a little simpler this year.

Jennife rizzo's kitchen sink areaThe kids and I also made jingle bell garlands with red and white butchers twine.

jingle bell garlandI gave my vintage Santa mugs a new hair-do. It was a great use of the extra boxwood trimmings.

Vintage Santa mugs with BoxwoodI have 3 and I am looking to add a few more.

vintage santa mugs wth box wood "hair"I like how they wink at me kinda like “Hey baby…I got some boxwood for ya….”

natural fruit in decoratingThank you so much for visiting! I loved having you stop by!

Jennifer rizzo entry wayDon’t forget your coat!

kids write merry christmas on chalkboardHappy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week!!!

The next amazing homes are waiting for you!

Head on over to Melissa at stop 2 at the Inspired Room!!!

The inspired room

The isnpired room

the inspired room

And KariAnne’s at stop 3

Thistlewood farm

Thistlewood farms

Thistlewood farms

Then go walking to Jeanne’s at stop 4

Jeanne Oliver

Jeanne Oliver's home

Jeanne Oliver living room

And our special surprise house.. can you guess who it is before you click over?

Surprise house 5

yellow cape cod

Yellow cape cod

And Ashley’s amazing house!

The handmade home

The handmade Home

The Handmade home

Thank you so much for coming along!

Hasn’t this been awesome so far?!!

Make sure you don’t miss  day 2!

Jennifer Rizzo's Holiday housewalk day 2

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  1. Merry Holidays! Such a beautiful and welcoming home. I love all the fresh greenery and shiny brites. I bee-lined to your chandy and that sweet owl cookie jar! Where did you get them from if you don’t mind sharing?
    Take care, Kris

  2. jen.,,,i LOVE it all! i cannot WAIT to see all the other homes. this is seriously fun:)
    i love your little santa’s…the jingle bells…pipe cleaner starts..the touches of red here and there
    i look forward to seeing each girls heart for her home…beautiful…now sit back and enjoy the next 23 days….oh and thank you so much for sharing our mantle from last year xotiff

  3. absolutely beautiful!!!!

  4. SOOOOO pretty Jen! Love all the little Santa’s everywhere ;)

  5. Your home looks so beautiful! You started the tour with creativity and style!

  6. GORGEOUS!! I ADORE that pipe cleaner garland that the you all made and the greenery everywhere…heaven! Off to the next house…thank you so much for your amazing coordination of the housewalk each year, so honored to be a part of it!


  7. Thank you for hosting? I LOVE home tours and yours is beautiful! I can’t wait to visit the rest!

  8. Looks amazing – and I see my name is written on that plate! Great – what time should I come for dinner?

    I have one vintage Santa mug – he needs some friends. Can’t wait to share my house tomorrow!

  9. It looks gorgeous! I love the new details in the entry. The coat advertisements are awesome and I want that coat!!!! I see my name on the plate too:-)

  10. So pretty. I don’t know what is my favorite: the Santa mugs on the window sill, the fresh greenery or the tree filled with Shiney Brites which is what I use, too.

    So glad I stopped by and I felt like you spoke as if we were actually in your home. Lovely.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. You never cease to amaze me! xoxo

  12. Oh, Jen, it’s all so beautiful and festive! I love the way you put everything together. So fun to see your tour starting, I’ll be checking them all out too!

  13. Gorgeous!!! Love all the fresh greens!

  14. Oh Jen so pretty. Your home is fabulous this year. I am loving the tour. Great kick off of your home.

  15. Love your home decorated for the holidays ! Those pipe cleaner stars are so cute ! Might have to try those ! Thanks for the tour , it is fabulous ! Can’t wait for tomorrow !

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous girl!! I love the natural touches and your dining room- sigh. So pretty!! Pinning away and so happy to be joining you for the tour this year!!

  17. Oh my word my heart skipped a beat when I started touring your gorgeous home Jen!! It looks amazing, so warm and cozy and welcoming. I feel like I’m looking in beautiful store-front windows all dressed up for Christmas! We are so thrilled and honored to be part of your housewalk again this year and can’t wait to see all of the rest of the homes! :-)

  18. Jen, your home is a perfect showcase for Christmas, I love your kitchen with all the pops of red!!

  19. Love your decor, everything is so pretty and I love the kitchen with the red runner too. Hugs, marty

  20. Everything is beautiful Jen! Thanks for hosting one of my favorite holiday home tours!

  21. Oh I’m going to have come back tonight as I am already behind in my day! The boxes are out, the room is only half dusted, the kitchen is mostly clean, and I only have 4 hours to have a good portion of the work done… tackle the living room decor (while knowing it ALL have to be moved out in TWO weeks…)

    Love everything I’ve seen so far!!

  22. love every single photo! beautiful and inspiring! xoxo, tracie

  23. WOW, it is all SO beautiful! I just love your house, Jen. I wish I could come over for real, it is so welcoming and festive!! Thank you so much for hosting, I cannot wait to see all the tours!!!

  24. Your home is always a treat! I love that you incorporated things you made with the kids. Those ninja clay turtles will be the talk of the town, for sure!!

  25. LOVE all of the homes! You did a beautiful job!! I love the deer head hand towel. May I ask where you found it?

  26. Jen, your home never disappoints. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for organizing this amazing tour of homes! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Best, Sarah

  27. Everything is just gorgeous Jen! Every detail in your home is beautiful! Can’t wait to tour the rest of the homes!

  28. I love your house!! I am excited to see how to make that fireplace thing- I love it!! So beautiful. I have some major decorating to do! :)

  29. Jen, your home is lovely! And I can’t wait to read more about the “fireplace” That’s just adorable!

  30. Gorgeous! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these house tours! Your home is beautiful and I love the red against the white. I want those Santas with the boxwood!

  31. I found myself giggling out loud during your tour. My son just saw Elf for the first time this weekend, and it’s been quote city around here. I love all the vintage touches in your home, but those Santas are saucy. And I’m planning to check my snow houses for TMNT. I’m thinking the Lego mini figures may have taken up residence in ours

  32. Beautiful, Jennifer! I think I am going to have to copy the yarn idea on the fireplace. Love it!

  33. Stunning! I’m in love with every room & detail! I’m sharing this on my FB page today :)

  34. Your home is beautiful! I look forward to this house walk all year :)

  35. gorgeous! I love the greenery everywhere….and is it weird that I’m thinking show me more of those curtains? did you make them or find them somewhere?

  36. Everything looks so beautiful! Heading to the other homes to enjoy! :-D

  37. What a treat to sit down after a long day and take this holiday tour!
    Love your home and all the little details are wonderful…thank you!!

  38. so pretty! LOVE the dining room, and the santa mugs with boxwood- my favorite part!

  39. Just fantastic and full of inspiration! I especially love the garlands and your dining room. :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  40. so many details that you’ve spread through your home with Christmas cheer!
    Thanks for all you’ve done to make this such an amazing success!
    You’ve worked your fingers to the bone!!!

    Your home is lovely!

  41. Beautiful, Jen! Everything about your home is just so fun and inviting. Um, and I need those santa mugs!!! ;}

  42. Lovely home! I love the sprinkle of jingle bells!

  43. I love all of your vintage Christmas decor goodness. I can’t wait to check out all of the other tours. I love Christmas and all the fun decorating that goes with it. Thanks for hosting such a great tour. :)

  44. Just so so beautiful Jennifer…thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to be part of this amazing tour and thank you for all the effort you put into it…it truly shows how much you love your home…xo

  45. Your decorating is absolutely phenomenal. Your home looks like something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. Heading over to visit the other blogs now!

  46. I’m with Santa! “Hey baby! Nice pomegranates…”

    SO excited for the tours this week, Jenn. Your home looks amazing!! LOVE!

  47. Everything looks amazing Jen!!! That fireplace insert is so clever and cute, and I’m over the moon for those Santa mugs!! Really it’s all so pretty!!

  48. Very pretty Jennifer. I’m not much for the traditional Christmas decoration because I’m always changing things around. Plus, as an artist, I get bored with my visual landscape and have to switch it. Right now my city house is full of vintage, antiques and whimsical finds plus a good dose of nature and fairy lights. And, in 10 days I’m leaving for my country home, in England, where I get to do this all over again plus the tree. :) Off to visit some of the other bloggers. Jeanne’s home looks like just my style. :)

  49. What a beautifully decorated home! I am brand new to your site, Jennifer, and am so happy I found you! I think what I love the most about your holiday decor is how you incorporated your kids. The decor isn’t too serious or formal – it’s fun, unique and whimsical! I am sure your kids just loved helping you with a few of the bits and pieces. Well done and enjoy!


  50. Ninja turtles in the snow houses…love it that you kept it real with that!

  51. I love, love your home and Christmas decor! Everything looks gorgeous, you have inspired me today :) xo

  52. Every detail is perfection, Jennifer! I love it! And what a cool idea for your fireplace! Thanks so much for hosting this fun tour!

  53. So pretty! I love the deer heads on the mantel and your Christmas kitchen is dreamy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. What fun I have had, touring all of these homes, garnering ideas and inspiration as I decorate my home. Thanks for the tours Jen!

  55. Beautiful…..love all of the special touches.

  56. Love the Swedish coffee mug in your hutch, caught my eye right away!

  57. You can tell that so much work was put into decorating your home. Beautifully done! (And I love that you kept mentioning that your kiddos were helping you along the way.) This home tour is one of my favorites!

  58. Jen, I just LOVE your style. Your home is amazing. I think that little star garland might be my favorite touch. :)

  59. Can anyone tell me how to get to today’s house tours without starting at the beginning and going through all of them again? Thanks!

  60. Susan Rabender says:

    Nice tour…some nice ideas. Very Christmasy and cozy.

  61. Your home is beautiful! I COVET your vintage Santa mugs. Seriously, if they go missing, it’s because I drove from Texas to steal them.

    Thanks for hosting this tour! It’s been great fun!

  62. Oh, so cheery and FUN!!! :-)
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  63. In L.O.V.E. with your dining area!!! Can’t wait to see the deer heads 2014 parade! And the Santa boxwoods/mistle-toe- LOVE! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  64. Terrific, creative idea for the House Tour. Looking forward to the coming days. I have to say you really get French Country style!!

  65. how fun! thank you for the tour and for hosting this… i look forward to it each year.
    merry christmas!

  66. So beautiful AND fun, Jennifer! Love the pretty colors and all the greenery!

  67. Everything looks beautiful! I’m having fun checking out all of the house walk inspiration. Glad I discovered your blog!

  68. I think my mom had those same Santa mugs and we NEVER used them. What a fun idea to fill them with plants!

  69. I love the idea of this tour! We are putting up our tree tonight and you are giving me so much inspiration and really getting me in the holiday spirit. I pinned a few images…I could have pinned them all! So nice to have found you!

  70. Oh the inspiration! I’ve got a little time this morning, so I am about to go on all of the tours! What a beautiful way to spend a quiet Saturday morning! Merry Christmas! Melissa

  71. Your home looks lovely, Jen! I love all the greenery you’ve added in. Love your kitchen with its touches of red. I love adding red in this time of year, too. I’m glad we kept the walls neutral in color so it makes it easy to do that. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tour!

  72. Hello, thanks for warming up a freezing,snowy cold day her in Pa.Lovely homes made my day.

  73. Jen you are so dang talented! I love all of the vintage touches!! And I need to make one of those bell garlands!! So adorable

  74. Beautiful!! I need to know more about the curtains in the first few pictures. Where are they from? Love them!
    Thank you,

  75. Just came across your tour post from Julia over at HookedonHouses.net, and what a gorgeous find! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  76. WOWSIE! How lovely, how gorgeous, how warm, how I want to move right in! Your special touches are everywhere. I have a NOEL similar to yours! Love the glitter houses, the pinecone garland, the stag, the centerpiece…and that coat!!! Such fun and such eye candy! Thank you for a fabulous tour!

  77. Your home looks lovely as always Jennifer. I found some ideas I can use for my house. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  78. So many pretties. I just love the star garland, so easy and sweet.

  79. Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your home tour. I was glued to my screen looking at all the beautiful photos and fantastic ideas. I shared your link on my blog along with my take on your bell décor in your kitchen. Thanks again! http://mcgillhomestaging.weebly.com/2/post/2013/12/little-bells.html

  80. Where are the snow houses from? I just LOVE them!

  81. I’m a little disappointed at how difficult it was to go from house to house because some participates linked to their blog and not to the tour post and didn’t use the home tour stop button for the next house.

  82. Jennifer, what kind of greenery did you use for the mantel? Lovely! Beautiful decorations; beautiful home! Thank you for sharing!

  83. Rachel Melchor says:

    I was hooked with the full 30 days! I showed my husband how marvelous all the houses were and I am so inspired. The community you built was awesome! More power and may you inspire more people along…count me in! ~ Rachel

  84. What kind of greenery is used over the pass through and on the mantel mirror please?

  85. HI Sandy,Thank you!!! it was a cedar garland from Home depot.


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