Fun and easy tote bag made with sponge stamping….

Happy Saturday! Spring might finally be here!We are supposed to be in the 60’s tomorrow! I needed a bag to take with me for my walks to the library, so with the great weather I felt like busting out a fun and easy project: Sponge stamping. It can’t get any easier than taking a tote bag, a bit of paint and a cut up sponge for an easy and fun craft.

Make an easy and fun tote bag with sponge stampsWhen I decided to do this project, I realized the only sponge I had was the kind with a scrubby back. I would have used a cheaper plain sponge if I had one. I hope hubby likes scrubbing pots and pans with little triangles for a while.

I cut them into triangles with a sharp pair of scissors. I didn’t measure, I just kind of eyeballed how big.Feel free to draw out your cut lines in marker if it’s easier.

It's easy and a great gift to make fun tote bags with a sponge stampI loaded up my palette with some fun colors. I used regular acrylic paint instead of fabric paint. I think it will be fine with out fading too much. If you are concerned about it, you can mix your paint with textile medium to make it more permanent.

spong stamping is fun and very easy

I loaded up my sponges and started stamping in a pattern across the bottom alternating paint colors.

Use a tote bag and stamps to make a great gftI off-set my triangles on the next row up.

stamp a pattern with triangle sponges

And at each layer, I stopped  little short for a more geometric design.

Tote bag made with sponge stamps, a fun and easy projectIt was very easy and I think it turned out really cute! Perfect for books!

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    What pretty colours! I love the fact that you tapered the pattern instead of covering the whole side. I would be interested to know how it washes.

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    The colors remind me of springtime. I’m so happy we are finally getting some nice weather around here!

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    This is super cute! I have been looking for an easy project for my daughter and I to do and she loved bags. Thanks for sharing!!!